Advantages of Using Multiple Inventory Locations

By Stephanie Elsen

Setting up and managing multiple inventory locations in your accounting software has some real advantages for you and your business. You may not be aware of how much time and efficiency are lost, trying to keep track of items in one system, when your items are located in various places.

Better Customer Service

Being able to see where your in-stock items are located can help give customers a better idea of what is available to them. It also helps you get those items to your customers more quickly, all of which results in happier customers.

Streamlined Processes

When your items are tracked by location, it becomes easier to keep track of actual inventory quantities. This helps for your physical inventory counting process, as well as the process of determining what needs to be ordered.

Less Shrinkage

If you have inventory stored on a truck or other remote location, you can keep track of that specific inventory as its own location. Tracking that information tends to reduce the possibility of items disappearing without explanation!

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