Notes from President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Recently, the company that provides our hosting service for using CenterPoint in the cloud implemented Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA). MFA provides an additional level of security for accessing information stored outside the walls of your operation.
In some cases, the website you are accessing requires this authentication every time you log in to your account. In the case of Red Wing® Cloud Services (CenterPoint in the cloud), this authorization will occur each month when you log in for the first time at each unique location. People that use Cloud Services will receive an email with a code that must be entered to gain access to their program.
When websites I use started requiring this new level of security, I became somewhat frustrated with the process. Now that many websites require authentication, I feel more comfortable with it, and I am changing some of my logins to require MFA when I access my accounts on their websites.
There are far too many bad actors trying to access personal information for me not to be as careful as possible.
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