40th Anniversary Customer Stories

Customer: Lakness Land & Cattle, Hayti, South Dakota
Centerpoint Accounting for Agriculture has fit our farming operation very well. We are diversified into many entities. CenterPoint keeps all the entities separate but can be combined in reports when needed. We are able to track income and expenses down to the acre. Many reports are available and can be adapted to fit our needs. The ability to export out reports is really great, especially when sending to our accountant. This saves dollars!
The CenterPoint support staff is readily available and knowledgeable. Being able to access my computer has sure helped find solutions quicker. CenterPoint Payroll is efficient and keeps updated when taxes change. There is so much depth to what can be done within CenterPoint. You can get as detailed as you want. The addition of Virtual Classroom Training Classes has been helpful.
I especially appreciate how Red Wing Software listens to its customers with constant upgrades. So many quick shortcuts have been added over the years.
Marietta Lakness
Lakness Land & Cattle

CenterPoint Payroll Tool for Managing Employee Time and Requests for Time Off

Many companies use spreadsheets or even paper to keep track of employee hours worked and time off requests. While spreadsheets are great, they can easily be deleted or overwritten. Paper documents can easily be lost. In addition to this, using spreadsheets or tracking hours by paper both result in entering hours worked and time off requests into the payroll system manually, which takes far too long and increases the possibility of errors.
Your payroll processes can be a whole lot easier! There is now a way to eliminate the use of spreadsheets or paper, and reduce the time you spend tracking employee hours worked and time off requests.
Did you know that the CenterPoint Time Clock, an add-on product for CenterPoint Payroll, is not just a clock punching device? The CenterPoint Time Clock can help a wide range of companies manage employee hours, not just companies that use a time clock. Any company that needs employees to enter hours worked can benefit from the CenterPoint Time Clock. Employees can enter hours worked, either on their own phone (using the iPhone or Android app), or simply enter it online. Employees can also request time off within the app. Managers have the ability to then view and approve hours worked as well as time off requests. This information can then be imported directly into CenterPoint Payroll, saving significant time and reducing errors from manual entry.
Call Red Wing Software today to learn more about streamlining the tracking of hours worked and time off requests with the CenterPoint Time Clock! Call 800-732-9464 or email sales@redwingsoftware.com.

Behind the Scenes - September 2019

Julie (Sales Engineer) at a bridal shower for her son, Joey, and future daughter-in-law, Somer, and her mother, Cherie.
Katrina (Customer Service Representative) and Josh at the Vikings-Falcons game… SKOL!
Cori (Quality Assurance Analyst) and Katrina (Customer Service Representative) did some country road cruising in “Wally” the side by side.
Ashley, (Technical Support Specialist), daughter Paytin, and Bandit (golden retriever) went to Michigan for one last summer trip right before school started.

Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer: Qual Dairy of Lisbon, North Dakota
Story: Qual Dairy: Better Cow Care Through Consistency, September 12, 2019 issue of Progressive Dairyman.
Summary: Qual Dairy has great success with robot implementation.

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

I seem to be writing about this month’s subject way too often this year. One of our Accounting Software Support Specialists, Ron Delaney, retired at the end of September. Ron was an employee early in the company’s history and started his second tenure with Red Wing Software in 2006. Many of you have likely talked to Ron as you migrated from our legacy products to CenterPoint, or when needing a little help using our products. I’m certain Ron will stay busy in his retirement attending his granddaughter’s soccer games and other activities. I hope to continue to see Ron at our regular Tuesday golf outings, and I know he’s been brushing up on his game as he’s won enough this summer to have to give up his amateur status. We wish Ron the best in his retirement, and he will certainly be missed.
On a related note, many of you have probably talked to Renae, the newest member of our Support team. Renae comes to us with accounting, payroll, business, and industry knowledge, and is quickly learning CenterPoint to help our customers get the most out of their software. We’re excited to have Renae as part of our team.