Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Some things never change; the sky is blue, the world is round, and it’s cold in Minnesota. However, some things are always changing, like the technology you use to keep your business running and profitable.

Have you recently checked how current the hardware and software you are using to manage your business is? I know, it’s running fine, and if it works, why fix it? Well, if you ask any of our knowledgeable support staff, they can recite from memory some real horror stories of people that felt that same way and wound up losing valuable information. Maybe the computer crashed and the backup wouldn’t restore on the new computer because the operating system couldn’t read the old format, or there wasn’t even a device in the new computer to insert the backup into. Or, the old software couldn’t transfer the data into the new program.

Red Wing Software is continuously updating our products with new technology to ensure that our customers don’t fall into the trap of losing information because of system crashes or outdated hardware. However, this requires users of our software to stay current with their Red Wing Software products, and transfer their data to new programs when they are available. We occasionally “sunset” a product, which means we stop updating and supporting that program. When we do that, we always provide a way to get most, and usually all, of your historical data into the new, replacement product.

If you receive notification that one or more of your products is about to “sunset,” it is important to contact us to learn about your options for moving your data forward and making sure you maintain and secure your important financial information.

Red Wing Sofware Customers in the News

The mid-January 2014 issue of Farm Futures featured several of our CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll customers in the special financial and human resource management issue. Included were: Dick Wittman, farm financial consultant and Idaho rancher, WCI Family Farms, Nebraska farmer Don Cantrell and Mike Gustafson, chief operating officer, Water Street Solutions.

Jeff, Fred and Regg Beer, of Beer Dairy, Inc., CenterPoint Accounting and Payroll customers, were featured in the January 25, 2014 issue of Hoard’s Dairyman. In the article, “We Get the Most From Our Cropland,” the Beers discuss the elements and practices that help them achieve top yields.

Frank & Sims Price Ranch - National Winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award Program

Frank & Sims Ranch

Congratulations to Red Wing Software customer, Frank & Sims Price Ranch! They have recently been recognized the national winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award Program, sponsored by the National Cattleman's Beef Association, National Beef Federation, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Dow Agro Sciences and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Frank & Sims Price Ranch have used Red Wing Software accounting programs since the early 1980's. Frank, the owner of the ranch, says, "Your accounting program is an integral part of our success in operating a sustainable ranching operation. Benefiting the rangeland, wildlife and our family's opportunity to remain on the land and preserve it for future generations."

Farm Financial Standards Council Members Featured at Farm Futures Boot Camp

Check out the recent Farm Futures Ag Finance Boot Camp that was recently held in St. Louis. The program was hosted by Farm Futures magazine and was sponsored by John Deere, Farm Credit, and the Council. More than 80 farmers attended!

Officers and board members of the Farm Financial Standards Council presented, and Julie Strain of Red Wing Software was a speaker at the event.

Read more here: Council Members Featured at Farm Futures Boot Camp