Employee Spotlight - Chad Glover

My name is Chad Glover, and I am a Sales Consultant at Red Wing Software. I’ve been with Red Wing Software for almost 18 years. While at work, I spend my time helping our customers and prospective customers with their accounting and payroll software needs. I also travel to trade shows and conferences a few times a year, which allows me to get some face time with our customers. I truly enjoy meeting our customers and putting a face to the names of those I have worked with throughout the years. While not at work, I spend most of my time with my wife Rachel and our golden retriever, Birdie, watching my kids Brik(10), Remi(6), and Etta(4) play sports, gymnastics, and swimming. With any free time I have after all of that, you can find me in the outdoors golfing, fishing, hunting, or spending time at our camper.

Microsoft .NET Framework Technology Update

With our next major version update of CenterPoint (version 18), we will upgrade to Microsoft .NET 6. Keeping current with technologies like Microsoft .NET allows Red Wing Software to continue to provide our customers with the best experience possible when using our products.
If you developed an interface with CenterPoint using our original .NET Framework 4.7 SDK, you will need to update your application to target Microsoft .NET 6 in order to continue to integrate after version 18 is released. Note: Red Wing Software now offers a new REST API for CenterPoint that does not require you to use Microsoft .NET. For more information see the CenterPoint Development & Integration Resource Portal.

Upcoming Conferences/Trade Shows

Red Wing Software will have an exhibiting presence at the Arkansas Municipal League Annual Convention. CSA Software, a Red Wing Software partner, will be exhibiting at the event in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center, June 14-16, 2023. Please stop and say hello and ask any questions you may have about CenterPoint and/or CSA!

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

We hear a lot about malicious activity in technology, with people attempting to access your connected devices and sometimes causing havoc with your data. We do what we can to secure our computers and networks from outside forces, but what about our internal security?
At Red Wing Software, we are fortunate to have Larry, our internal technology wizard, ensuring we have up-to-date and strong passwords that must change regularly. Even if you don’t have a “Larry” to keep your systems secure, there are some simple things to do that will help keep your information safe.
When did you last change your password to access your computer or confidential business information? When a new person joins your organization, do you ensure they know the processes you use to protect your systems? When a person leaves or retires, do you make sure that person’s logins are deactivated? Are you regularly changing passwords if you’re taking advantage of CenterPoint in the Red Wing cloud? When transferring access from a staff member that leaves to a new employee, don’t just give the username and password of the former employee to the new person to get access quickly, as that means they both now have access to your systems.
It is important to think about all levels of security in your operation, just like you would change the keys to your house when access needs change.