NEW: Employee Portal for CenterPoint Payroll

We are excited to announce the recently released CenterPoint Employee Portal and would like to extend you an invitation to use this new functionality.
CenterPoint Employee Portal provides your employees a simple way to securely interact with their personal payroll information online.
This functionality is being offered for just $120 per year and is FREE to customers who are enrolled in our CenterPoint Time Clock or Publish Pay Advices service.
Employee Portal Features & Benefits:
Employees have convenient links to CenterPoint Time Clock and Publish Pay Advices directly within the Portal.
Payroll information, company announcements, and other information, can be added to the Home section and edited at any time by the payroll administrator, making it easier for employees to stay up to date on important company information.
Employees can maintain their personal information, Federal and State Withholding, and direct deposit allocations from the Self-Serve section. Before creating a new pay run or updating employee setup, the payroll administrator is notified of any pending changes and can approve or deny them, making communication between employees and payroll administrators very efficient.
In the Quick Links section, payroll administrators can create useful links for employees to any external website or file. This section can be used to communicate company policies or for providing benefit information such as health and dental insurance, flexible spending, IRS, 401K, etc.
Contact Sales at 800-732-9464 or email to get signed up and start using CenterPoint Employee Portal now.

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Available for CenterPoint® Payroll: Employee Training/Certification Tracking and OSHA

The Employee Education & Training module is available for CenterPoint Payroll. This optional module keeps track of training and certifications earned by employees. Track training completion and expiration dates as well as additional notes. All training and certification information is tracked and stored within the module.
There is also a Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses (OSHA) module available for CenterPoint Payroll. This is used to track information about employee injuries and illnesses, specific details regarding the incident, treatment, and workers' compensation claims. The Employee Work-Related Injury and Illness Summary report allows you to report on the information entered into the module.