Red Wing Software & Clover Connect

Customer Payments Portal
Would you like to offer an easy way for your customers to pay their invoices online with a credit card? The new Customer Payments Portal, which is part of the version 18 release, allows your customers to pay you with an easy-to-use web application accessible via a unique link generated and sent from within CenterPoint Accounting. Using our convenient and secure payment solution can shorten the time you wait to receive payments. The Customer Payments Portal is available at no additional charge; all you need is a merchant account with Clover Connect, our payments solution partner.
Streamline Credit Card Processing
Do you currently accept credit card payments? Red Wing Software has joined forces with Clover Connect, a premier integrated payments solution provider, to offer seamless payment processing within CenterPoint Accounting. This new integration streamlines payment processing to save you time and money. After onboarding, customers will enjoy a single-source solution, competitive credit card processing fees, easy reconciliation, real-time reporting, next-day funding, and more. Users will discover a whole new way of accepting and managing payments.
For more information, click here or contact Red Wing Software at 800-732-9464.

Important 2023 Tax Form Filing Information

During 2023, two noteworthy tax form filing changes affect the processing of 2023 1099, W-2, and ACA forms:
On February 21, 2023, the IRS and the Department of the Treasury changed the Federal eFile threshold for 2023 from 250 to 10. Click here for more information. For specific W-2 and ACA form information, click here. For specific 1099 series information, click here.
All 1099 copies will be printed on plain paper, including the Copy A (often called the “red copy”) and your 1096. CenterPoint/Aatrix received IRS approval to print all copies of the 1099 on plain paper.
Perforated paper and envelopes can be purchased from Computer Forms, Inc. by clicking here, by calling 800‑458‑0158, or by clicking the Order Checks and Forms icon on the Red Wing Software website. All orders are 25% off until December 31, 2023 (use promotion code RWCFITD when ordering).

Employees Can Opt to Receive Pay Information Via Text!

We are excited to announce the release of CenterPoint Time Clock web version 3.03 and CenterPoint Publish Pay Advices web version 2.05. This update includes new functionality that will allow your employees to sign up for and receive text notifications for time clock and pay advice service functions. Prior to this update, all CenterPoint Payroll Web Service notifications were only sent via email.
Please inform your employees about this exciting new feature. Employees can enable text notifications by selecting User > Settings (upper-right corner), clicking Change next to Text Notifications, and following the on-screen instructions. Note: Email and text notifications can be enabled/disabled individually in Settings.

Important CenterPoint® Version 18.8 Year-End Update

CenterPoint version 18.8 is now available and is currently being rolled out. If you have not received the update yet, it will be available to you soon. CenterPoint version 18.8 includes the following notable changes:
The 1099 export to Aatrix tax forms for individuals was updated to export as First, Middle, Last instead of Full Name. This is due to Internal Revenue Service 1099 filing specification changes for filing year 2023.
The Pennsylvania 2023 Section 179 Limits were updated for assets put into service after 1/1/2023 to match the Federal limits. For tax years beginning in 2023, taxpayers can expense up to $1,160,000.00. This dollar limit is reduced when Section 179 property placed in service during the year exceeds $2,890,000.00.
Data provided to Aatrix tax forms for Alabama state reports was updated to include exempt overtime wages. For information on how to handle the Alabama Overtime Exemption in CenterPoint, click here.
Please install this update before processing and filing your 2023 1099 tax forms. Note: The final version of the 2023 1099 forms will be in the Aatrix 4th quarter update, which typically is available in the December 20th time frame.
Click here to see all CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture changes on version 18.8 and prior or click here to see all CenterPoint Payroll changes on version 18.8 and prior.