Year-End Tax Forms

As the end of 2019 approaches, we would like to suggest the forms, perforated paper, and envelopes that you may need to purchase for processing W-2s, 1099s, and ACA forms (for CenterPoint Payroll only). Forms, perforated paper, and envelopes can be purchased from Computer Forms, Inc. at, by calling 800-458-0158, or by clicking the Order Checks and Forms icon on the Red Wing Software website. All 2019 forms are 25% off until December 31, 2019 (use promotion code RWCFITD when ordering).
From the Computer Forms, Inc. website, select Tax Forms, select the product you use, for example CenterPoint, Red Wing Payroll, or TurningPoint, and then select Order Laser W-2 Forms, Order Laser 1099 Forms, or Order ACA-1095 Forms (for CenterPoint only) to display the W-2, 1099 or ACA forms, perforated paper, and envelopes.
Note: The W-2 and 1099 forms (excluding the Federal Red Copy) can be printed on the same plain perforated paper (if you choose to order the blank perforated paper with no backer instructions) and use the same envelope. You can print the W-2 and 1099 forms on plain paper, but the IRS recommends the forms be printed on perforated paper. The W-3 can be printed on blank plain paper.

Why File Tax Forms Electronically?

Still thinking about trying electronic tax form filing? Filing tax forms electronically (“eFiling”) is by far the fastest and most efficient method. CenterPoint Payroll allows customers to file electronically, and information for tax forms is pulled directly from the information within CenterPoint Payroll. That information is then seamlessly placed onto the form on your computer, where forms can be saved, and can then be filed electronically via the internet. With this method, there are no stamps, forms or envelopes to be purchased. Also, filing happens instantly so there is no time delay for the mail. Filing electronically can also save significant time during the payroll process. Make this your year to increase efficiency during your tax form filing process, and give electronic filing a try!

Year-End Procedures

Software Program Year-End FAQ Document
CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture Click Here
CenterPoint Accounting Click Here
CenterPoint Fund Accounting Click Here
TurningPoint Accounting Click Here
CenterPoint Payroll Click Here
Red Wing Payroll Click Here
CenterPoint year-end documents can also be accessed directly from the Help section. From our website at select Menu, under your CenterPoint product, select Help. In the Search bar, enter Year-end Frequently Asked Questions or by logging into our website at from the My Account Home page, select End of Year.
Red Wing Payroll year-end documents can be accessed directly from our How2 Documentation. Log in to the Red Wing Software website at, select Menu > Legacy Products > Red Wing Payroll > How2 Documentation, and then select End of Year > End of Year FAQ or by logging into our website at from the My Account Home page, select End of Year.

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Think big, take small steps, and keep the end goal in mind. When we, at Red Wing Software, are contemplating any major change, addition to functionality, or new software module, we always start with the end in mind. We first ask, “What are we trying to accomplish with this project?” We want to make sure the result is what our customers want out of the new functionality, and we then plan how to achieve that result.
Once we decide on the plan, and the path to reach the goal, we start to lay out the “baby steps” to get to the end. No big project can be accomplished by thinking we can do it all at once. We lay out and document all the steps it will take to complete the project.
Many of our changes and new projects are the results of requests from customers. They may need additional information on an existing report, a totally new report, or even a completely new module. We work with the customer to determine the correct result, and the best steps to accomplish the process used to get there.
In your business, whenever you are faced with a task that may seem insurmountable; think big, take small steps, and keep the end goal in mind.