Red Wing Windows Payroll Support Ends January 31, 2021

NOTE: This notification is for the Red Wing Software legacy product, which is called Red Wing Payroll (or Red Wing Windows Payroll). This notification is NOT in reference to CenterPoint Payroll, which is the current payroll system offered by Red Wing Software.
Red Wing Software will be discontinuing support services and product upgrades for the Red Wing Payroll Software on January 31, 2021. If you are still using the Red Wing Payroll Software for your business, it is important that you work with our staff to start the transition process to our flagship payroll product, CenterPoint® Payroll. There will be no upgrades, including 2021 tax table updates, or telephone support for Red Wing Payroll once support ends.
While Red Wing Payroll has been a solid and capable product for over 20 years, the underlying technology is out-of-date, and we cannot promise it will continue to run as operating systems change. There are also some new W-4 requirements that cannot be handled by Red Wing Payroll, so it is imperative that we transition our customers to newer software. (See the following article for URGENT information about the W-4 form changes.)
A Red Wing Software consultant will help you through the transition process. Call us to get up and running on CenterPoint Payroll!
To speak with a consultant, please call 800-732-9464.
Thank you for being a long-time customer of Red Wing Software. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with you and your business!

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Direct Deposit module for CenterPoint Payroll can produce an ACH file compatible with Cachet’s ACH processing solution?
Cachet Financial Services provides secure, convenient, affordable ACH processing services and wire services for payroll-related electronic transactions.
Cachet’s services include:
Direct deposits
Tax payments
Garnishment, benefits & 401k payments
Expense reimbursement payments
Agency checks, fee collection
Wire options for added transaction security
Help with audits
Payroll account reconciliation
$50M crime bond, SOC I Type I audited
Processes ACH transactions up to 9pm ET
For additional information visit their website at

NEW CenterPoint Payroll Topic-Specific Videos

Red Wing Software has released a new series of topic-specific training videos for CenterPoint Payroll. More than 50 new videos have been released, in a shorter, more concise format, so customers can quickly and easily get the training they need.
To view the videos, visit CenterPoint Payroll Help and click on the Videos button, or click here and then click on the Videos button.

Year-End Procedures

During the month of December, we will be updating the documents used to outline the procedures you will use at year-end. The documents will have instructions on how to access and install tax table updates, close the year, enter transactions in the new year, etc. They also explain where additional information regarding year-end can be located and include answers to the most frequently asked year-end questions received by our Technical Support department. The 2017 year-end documents will be available the week of December 4th.

Software Program Year-End FAQ Document
CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture Click Here
CenterPoint Accounting Click Here
CenterPoint Payroll Click Here
Red Wing Payroll Click Here

CenterPoint year-end documents can also be accessed directly from our How2 Documentation. From our web site at select Products, under your CenterPoint product, select How2 Documentation. In the Search bar, enter Year-end Frequently Asked Questions.

Red Wing Payroll year-end documents can be accessed directly from our How2 Documentation. Log in to the Red Wing Software web site at, select Products > Legacy Products > Red Wing Payroll > How2 Documentation, and then select End of Year > End of Year FAQ.

Note: The links displayed above will display 2016 year-end documents until the week of December 4, 2017.