Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer: Roossinck Orchards, Fremont, Michigan
Story: IFTA tour touts growers, processor power, March 2020 Issue of Fruit Grower News
Summary: The Roossinck family, along with other growers, attended the International Fruit Tree Association Conference.

A Great Way to Track Employee Time, for ANY Business

Do you have employees who use timesheets to track the hours they work? CenterPoint Online Time Clock isn't just a system for employees to clock in and out; it allows employees to manually enter and track their hours and also includes support for managing time off requests.
It’s a great way to track employee time, for ANY business or organization.
Watch this short video to learn more!
For more information, contact Red Wing Software at 800-732-9464 or email

Behind the Scenes - April 2020

Ashley’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) daughter, Paytin, turned 13 during the quarantine.
Katrina’s (Customer Service Representative) daughter, Kyla, has now lost two teeth in one week! Pretty soon she won’t have any teeth after the quarantine! 😂
Stephanie (Marketing) and her new husband, Glenn, decided to get married, despite having postponed their regular wedding date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They set up a table and chairs in their front yard, so family, friends, and drivers-by could honk or stop by and give a toast from their car. The response was overwhelming and they had a wonderful day. Friends and family drove from hours away, and even people they didn’t know stopped by with gifts. As they posted on their Facebook page, LOVE WINS!
Video has been a crucial element to Red Wing Software, while employees work from home due to COVID-19.
Julie’s (Implementation Consultant) son, Jackson, was appointed to their Moot Court Executive Board, which is kind of like the Supreme Court of their Moot Court competitions.

Online Training - Request for Topics

Each month, Red Wing Software presents live Online Training sessions which allow our customers to learn more about CenterPoint from any location you can access the internet. The sessions are presented live by one of our CenterPoint experts while you view the presenter’s computer screen, and you also can ask questions.
When Red Wing Software comes out with new versions of our software, the new features are almost always something that was requested by our customers. We also welcome suggestions for our Online Training session topics. If there is a topic you wish we would offer for our live Online Training sessions, we would like to hear about it. If you have a topic suggestion, please send it to: Thank you!

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

First, I want to thank our entire amazing staff at Red Wing Software for their dedication to taking care of our customers’ needs during this difficult time. In addition, I want to sincerely thank you, our awesome customers, for supporting us, and I want to assure you that we are here to support you in any way we are able.
The current situation is affecting each business in unique ways. Some were forced to close (hopefully temporarily), some have remained open with some changes in logistics, and some have had to ramp up their operations and add employees.
Whatever the situation is, it is time to look at your annual projections that you budgeted before the beginning of the year. I can imagine that very few of us predicted this kind of change in our operations. What do we need to do as the economy reopens to make sure we are ready? Are there places that we need to adjust expenses? Are there processes that we need to change to keep our employees safe as they return to work? And, are there business opportunities that we should be looking at to help our customers as their business changes? It is always a good idea to think about the future and stay ahead of the game.
Finally, I want to welcome our newest member of the Red Wing Software team. Allison joined our support staff on April 20th and brings great customer service skills to our talented group. She will soon be shadowing her teammates on calls as she gets up to speed on the software.