Behind the Scenes - November 2021

Julie (Implementation Consultant) and her friends attended a charity Witches Night Out.
Allison (Accounting Software Support Specialist) got a new tattoo honoring her dog, Bentley, that she lost in January. In the tattoo, there is his paw print with his portrait, and then some birds, feathers, and her horse Jetta’s hoof print.
Katrina (Customer Service Representative) and her daughter, Kyla, celebrated their dog Kota’s graduation from basic obedience training.

Behind the Scenes - October 2021

Carole (Staff Accountant) and a friend did a cattle drive in the bluffs of southwestern Wisconsin (Devils Hole Ranch).
Larry (Manager of Information Systems) and his kids ran the Twin Cities Marathon on October 3rd. It was the first full marathon for Ellie and Larry, and for Marcus, it was his second. They started training last December and had a great adventure running around the lakes, rivers and creeks of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Roxie (Administrative Assistant) and her husband Steve toured some New England states. They are pictured here at the Taftsville Covered Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont.
Connie (Technical Writer) and her family traveled to South Dakota to take in a SDSU Jackrabbit football game and watch a half-time dance choreographed by their daughter (sister), Jenna.

Behind the Scenes - August 2021

Connie’s (Technical Writer) daughter, Jenna, was honored to be named a Collegiate All American and SDSU Dance Team captain. Her other daughter, Lindsey, a Forensic Chemist, is now a published author in the Oxford Journal of Analytical Toxicology for research comparing breath and blood alcohol concentration in a controlled drinking study.
Mike (Quality Assurance Manager) and family enjoyed a vacation to Hawaii. Mike and daughter, Kadence, took a surfing lesson.
Allison (Accounting Software Support Specialist) would like to introduce you to her new pet, Nagini, who is a 1.5–year–old pied ball python.
Carrie's (Administrative Assistant) daughter, Jasmyn, is getting married soon, and they enjoyed some fun at a recent bridal shower.

Behind the Scenes - July 2021

Julie (Implementation Consultant) went hiking in Burns Vista, Colorado, with friends. She also attended a bridal shower for her niece Luciana.
Ken (President) and grandson Micah flew to Voyager Village for breakfast and golf and were the first to touch down on the new runway surface.
Roxie (Administrative Assistant) visited Willow River State Park with her grandsons.

Behind the Scenes - June 2021

Mike (Quality Assurance Manager) performed in his third ‘dads only’ dance (second row, first person on the left). Over the years, he has also performed in seven or eight dad/daughter dances.
Ashley’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) daughter, Paytin, and her mom went on vacation to Louisiana to visit her dad, who currently lives and works there. While in Louisiana, they toured two plantations, went on a gator boat tour, visited the French quarter and the WWII museum, ate at some great restaurants, and did some antique shopping.
Roxie (Administrative Assistant), her husband, and friends enjoyed a few relaxing days at Pehrson Lodge Resort on Lake Vermilion.