Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer: Clay View Dairy, LLC, Goodhue, Minnesota
Story: 3 Dairies Reveal How to Engage Employees, Build Leaders
What the story is about: Panelists describe their approaches to purposeful hiring and establishing a culture where employees want to be in it for the long haul.
Red Wing Software Customer: Ti-Shi Dairy, Spring Valley, Wisconsin
Story: From Parlor to Pounding Pavement, Dairy Star Magazine, March 9, 2019 Issue
What the story is about: Breanna Sierack’s running career takes off with dairying mentality.
Red Wing Software Customer: Lakeside Jerseys, Alexandria, Minnesota
Story: Cow Talks-a-lot, Dairy Star Magazine, March 9, 2019 Issue
What the story is about: A unique cow at Lakeside Jerseys, as described by the Krohnfeldt family.
Red Wing Software Customer: Dusty Willow Dairy, Lakota, North Dakota
Story: Why is attending CPDE Important?, Dairy Star Magazine, March 9, 2019 Issue
What the story is about: Kent Swenson describes his experience in attending the Central Plains Dairy Expo.
Red Wing Software Customer: Newmont Farm, Bradford, Vermont
Story: Editorial Advisers: Maintenance Priorities, Deferrals
What the story is about: Kent Swenson describes his experience in attending the Central Plains Dairy Expo.

Behind the Scenes - May 2019

Katrina (Customer Service Representative) and Josh enjoyed watching their “Tiny Dancer” in her first recital.
Carole (Staff Accountant) visited daughter Zoe at University of Wisconsin - Madison and attended the Midwest Horse Fair.
Jayme (Technical Support Specialist) has a new place to call home.


Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

This year the employees at Red Wing Software are celebrating forty years of providing software and related services to our customers. There have been an amazing number of changes over the years, and a few of the people that make Red Wing Software what it is, have seen virtually all of these changes. While we constantly look for new, talented people to join our team, we have been fortunate to have retained many of the people that had the vision to start this journey and help get our company off the ground forty years ago.
Throughout the year we will be organizing events that our employees, customers, and local community will have an opportunity to get involved in. One thing you may notice is a change in our logo for this year. You will see it on our website, advertising, and other places we use the logo. We have also asked our employees and customers to relate stories of how things have changed over the last forty years. We will share stories in our newsletters throughout the year.
We consider all of our customers and employees (past and present) a part of the history and success of Red Wing Software and wish to thank every one of you for the many years of support and service that you have given us.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Direct Deposit module for CenterPoint Payroll can produce an ACH file compatible with Cachet’s ACH processing solution?
Cachet Financial Services provides secure, convenient, affordable ACH processing services and wire services for payroll-related electronic transactions.
Cachet’s services include:
Direct deposits
Tax payments
Garnishment, benefits & 401k payments
Expense reimbursement payments
Agency checks, fee collection
Wire options for added transaction security
Help with audits
Payroll account reconciliation
$50M crime bond, SOC I Type I audited
Processes ACH transactions up to 9pm ET
For additional information visit their website at

Free Virtual Classroom Sessions for June

This month the Virtual Classroom is offering two free pre-recorded sessions that will give you an overview of the new feature enhancements in version 14 for CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture and for CenterPoint Payroll. The free sessions provide you with the flexibility to access the training at any point.
To view the What's New in CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture version 14 video, please click here.
To view the What's New in CenterPoint Payroll version 14 video, please click here.