Employee Spotlight

Hi everyone! My name is Jake, and I started working for Red Wing Software in November 2022. I’ve spent the last 12 years working in finance operations but decided to move on from the corporate scene and get back to my roots of directly providing a service to customers. I worked in customer service and sales for about 20 years before finance and enjoyed every minute of it. I’m hoping to find that same satisfaction here at Red Wing Software, and from what I can tell it should be relatively easy to accomplish. My tenure has been short, but I can already tell what a fantastic company this is by the people around me and our vision for serving our customers with excellence. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this team!
I spend my free time watching the Vikings, going on an ATV adventure, casting a fishing rod, playing with my dogs, or hanging out with my grandkids, which is the most rewarding of all. I also enjoy spending time with my parents or any number of my cousins and extended family. Another thing I enjoy is climbing into my 1979 International 886. Don’t get me wrong, I may aspire to be an actual farmer, but all this converted city boy does is run the disc around the field to knock down some weeds and kick up some dirt. This comes in especially handy when my wife tells me she has a project for me, as it gives me an escape and a couple of hours of serenity. Although I will miss my IH dearly, I am considering moving on from plowing dirt and potentially swapping it out for a skid steer. I still may not know what I am doing, but it gives me another loud diesel to crank up as I’m about to get a new assignment from my wife.
I am looking forward to speaking with you and hope to lend a helping hand when needed.

CenterPoint Remove Transaction History Service Available

Red Wing Software is now offering a service to remove transaction history from your CenterPoint database(s) for any number of fiscal years and keep your beginning balances, outstanding payables, and receivables. Here are some reasons why you might want to remove transaction history.
The SQL Express database is approaching the 10 GB Microsoft SQL Express database limit. (SQL Express is the default version installed on CenterPoint systems).
Remove history that exceeds statutory retention requirements.
After removing transaction history, you can clean up master files without history. (Master files include Customers, Vendors, Employees, Projects, Profit Centers, etc.).
In some cases, there will be improved performance.
Normally, Red Wing Software can perform the remove transaction history service in an afternoon and get the database back to you by noon the next day. It may take longer if your database contains three or more companies. The service is offered at no charge to customers.
If you are using SQL Express, and your system contains 8GB or more of history, or you simply notice a system slow down, you may want to consider having transaction history removed.
To check the size of your database in CenterPoint, please follow these steps.
Select Help > About.
Select the Server information tab.
To determine the size of the database, look at the DB Size column.
Please call Red Wing Software at 800-732-9464 to schedule an appointment. You can also inquire by email at support@redwingsoftware.com.

CenterPoint – Your Short Review is Needed!

Red Wing Software displays products on the internet on a wide variety of websites, and some of them allow customer reviews. The reviews let others know what to expect! SoftwareConnect.com is one of those sites. We would love to get your review. You get good karma for spreading the word, and others benefit by seeing what real users think. We appreciate your feedback. Click the link below to submit your review. It should only take a few minutes. Thank you!
Click here to review CenterPoint Accounting
Click here to review CenterPoint Payroll
(Please note that we will read all the reviews, but we cannot access them in any way to edit or know who wrote them, since they are on a third-party site that does not belong to Red Wing Software. If you would like a response to any review or comment, please email info@redwingsoftware.com.)

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

March 1st marks a milestone for me. I have now been with the company in some capacity for 40 years. 40 years!? Is that even possible? To give a little background, I started in a support position. Forty years ago, having a personal computer wasn’t too common, so in addition to providing software, we also sold computers, printers, and the like. So being a computer nerd, I was a good fit for the job. Over the years, I learned enough about software, accounting, and payroll to be dangerous. Enough about me. I really want to highlight our team’s longevity and knowledge.
To begin with, our average years of service throughout the organization is over 21 years. If I bragged about each person, this article would be several pages long, so I’ll focus on a few, and over time, each team member should show up in this newsletter. Here are a few examples:
Roxie, the voice of Red Wing Software, for over 32 years.
Larry, our internal technology guru, officially over 25 years. (Unofficially, I think he was stuffing envelopes for the company before he graduated 8th grade.)
George, a developer and internet technology expert, with over 33 years.
Tim, our Support Manager, has completed almost 30 years.
I shouldn’t have even started listing names, as I like to brag about our entire staff. We also appreciate new people and fresh ideas, our newest team member (just four months), Jake, hit the ground running. If you’ve had an opportunity to talk to him in his support role, you know about his commitment to seeing an issue through to the end. I would be remiss not to mention the many customers who have been with Red Wing Software since the beginning.
We have been extremely fortunate to have a great, dedicated team throughout Red Wing Software for a long time. We plan to continue this history of longevity for many years to come.