Behind the Scenes - January 2022

Roxie (Administrative Assistant) headed up an Operation Christmas Child drop-off location for the 10th year. She is very humble about her role in this project. These gifts are distributed to children across the globe who may have never received a gift before, and they also hear a message of hope through the Gospel. Her role is the first step in the journey of these gifts. She organizes volunteers who greet and unload gifts from donors, and then boxes up the gifts and delivers them to the next step of their journey to a child. If you find joy in giving, she encourages you to check out this project here. The Red Wing Software team is extremely proud to call Roxie our coworker!
Allison (Accounting Software Support Specialist) had Christmas pictures taken of her horses - Bella, Jetta, and Ramzi.
Ashley’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) dog Bandit welcomed a new baby brother named Diesel.

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

January is the busiest month at Red Wing Software, with our customers completing transactions for 2021, finalizing payroll information to prepare W-2 forms, and getting information ready for tax returns. It was not a great time for us to have an issue with computers and accessing critical information to serve our users.
On January 11th, we had a failure of a router that allows communication between our remote workforce and the computers in our office that hold all our customer records, making it virtually impossible to handle support calls. Fortunately, Roxie, the long-time voice of Red Wing Software, was in the office and could take incoming calls and schedule callbacks for our support staff.
We realized we couldn’t work efficiently from outside the office, and everything was functioning at the office. Several of our staff quickly traveled to the office to answer calls and take care of our customers. Within about three hours, we caught up with the backlog of support calls, and Larry, our amazing IT Manager, had everything functioning again.
While this kind of disruption is never fun to deal with, it’s great to have a group of dedicated employees who step up and take care of business. On behalf of Red Wing Software, I want to thank our customers affected by this disruption for your patience and thank our staff for ensuring we could take good care of our users during such a critical time.