Red Wing Software Mailing Address - Please READ!

Red Wing Software’s mailing address changed several years ago from a post office box to a physical mailing address. Please be sure you have the correct mailing address in your system. Any mail sent to the long-expired PO box will likely not reach Red Wing Software. Please note that the PO box address should not be listed in the address at all. Even if the PO box number is included WITH the correct physical address, the mail will be returned to sender. Here is the current mailing address for Red Wing Software:
Red Wing Software
491 Hwy. 19 Blvd.
Red Wing, MN 55066

Do you have a YouTube Channel?

Does your business have its own YouTube channel? If so, Red Wing Software would love to know about it! We may follow your page and occasionally share a video of yours. If you have a YouTube channel, please share it, along with your company name, to this email:

Behind The Scenes - September 2020

Katrina’s (Customer Service Representative) daughter, Kyla, is a happy second grader.
Ashley’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) daughter, Paytin, is going into 8th grade at the high school.
Roxie (Administrative Assistant) celebrated two anniversaries in September, her 40th wedding anniversary and her 30th work anniversary.
Jada’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist ) son, Lane, did well at the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship in Ohio. He ran in four classes and took 1st place in 125 class, 2nd place in 250 class, 2nd in 400 stock, 1st in two stroke and made the KING Of THE HILL.

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Every day, we all make important decisions that affect how our business will operate, and those decisions determine the path we want the business to follow. The same holds true for our local, state, and national elections. You get to determine your community, region, and country’s direction by exercising your right and responsibility to vote.
These decisions can be difficult because of all the confusing messages we hear, but we need to sift through the noise and try to get to the facts. We must look past the bumper sticker messages and look at the underlying philosophy of the candidates. What direction do they want to take the community, country, and world? We need to ignore the pundits that try to tell us what a candidate means from their perspective. After an interview, speech, or debate, one way to do this is, change the channel to something non-political, and decide for yourself whether the candidate is the kind of leader you would like to see guiding their respective geographic area.
Remember, whether your candidate wins his/her race, or the opposition comes out victorious, know that you will get another chance to vote in two more years. However things turn out, there is not a better place in the world to call home.

Third Quarter 2020 Form 941

Payroll Tax Holiday
The Federal/State Tax Forms (Aatrix) third quarter 2020 update was recently released. This version includes a draft of the third quarter 2020 Form 941 that is acceptable to eFile/file for the third quarter as long as there is no employee Social Security tax deferral amount to report. The IRS has not released the final version of the third quarter 2020 Form 941 that includes payroll tax holiday additions based on the executive orders that President Donald Trump signed on August 8, 2020. The final version IRS approved third quarter 2020 Form 941 will include the ability to manually enter employer and employee Social Security deferrals. If you need to report employee Social Security tax deferrals, they will need to be reported on the final version of the form. When the form is released by the IRS/Aatrix, you will be notified via email if you are on a Customer Care Plan. Alternately, you will also be prompted to update Federal/State Tax Forms (Aatrix) as updates become available.
COVID-19 Paid Leave Update
Red Wing Software recently released CenterPoint Payroll version 15.12 the week of September 28, 2020, that will more accurately report COVID-19 paid leave amounts on Form 941. CenterPoint Payroll can be set up to track COVID-19 paid leave so it can accurately be reported on Form 941. Click here to view documentation on CenterPoint Payroll and COVID-19 Paid Leave. If you have not been tracking COVID-19 Paid Leave in CenterPoint, but still need to report it on the third quarter 2020 Form 941, you can do so now with the currently released software and tax forms by manually adjusting Form 941 in Aatrix.