40th Anniversary Customer Stories

Customer: Lakness Land & Cattle, Hayti, South Dakota
Centerpoint Accounting for Agriculture has fit our farming operation very well. We are diversified into many entities. CenterPoint keeps all the entities separate but can be combined in reports when needed. We are able to track income and expenses down to the acre. Many reports are available and can be adapted to fit our needs. The ability to export out reports is really great, especially when sending to our accountant. This saves dollars!
The CenterPoint support staff is readily available and knowledgeable. Being able to access my computer has sure helped find solutions quicker. CenterPoint Payroll is efficient and keeps updated when taxes change. There is so much depth to what can be done within CenterPoint. You can get as detailed as you want. The addition of Virtual Classroom Training Classes has been helpful.
I especially appreciate how Red Wing Software listens to its customers with constant upgrades. So many quick shortcuts have been added over the years.
Marietta Lakness
Lakness Land & Cattle
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