CenterPoint Payroll Tool for Managing Employee Time and Requests for Time Off

Many companies use spreadsheets or even paper to keep track of employee hours worked and time off requests. While spreadsheets are great, they can easily be deleted or overwritten. Paper documents can easily be lost. In addition to this, using spreadsheets or tracking hours by paper both result in entering hours worked and time off requests into the payroll system manually, which takes far too long and increases the possibility of errors.
Your payroll processes can be a whole lot easier! There is now a way to eliminate the use of spreadsheets or paper, and reduce the time you spend tracking employee hours worked and time off requests.
Did you know that the CenterPoint Time Clock, an add-on product for CenterPoint Payroll, is not just a clock punching device? The CenterPoint Time Clock can help a wide range of companies manage employee hours, not just companies that use a time clock. Any company that needs employees to enter hours worked can benefit from the CenterPoint Time Clock. Employees can enter hours worked, either on their own phone (using the iPhone or Android app), or simply enter it online. Employees can also request time off within the app. Managers have the ability to then view and approve hours worked as well as time off requests. This information can then be imported directly into CenterPoint Payroll, saving significant time and reducing errors from manual entry.
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