Payroll Software – Import Time and Save Yourself some Time

By Stephanie Elsen

Have you ever wondered how you can save yourself some time during payroll processing? Well, if you are currently entering time from time cards by hand, there is surely a better way. Investing the time in setting up parameters and using your payroll software to import that time is definitely worth the effort, and will likely pay itself off the first time you use it! (Please note that importing from a time clock requires the use of an electronic time clock capable of outputting a file compatible with your payroll software.)

Setting up a time clock import in your payroll software basically consists of setting up a routine for the time clock to communicate with the payroll software. This routine you set up is called a time import definition. It tells the time clock (or other time collection device) which fields to import and bring into your payroll software. Once you set up your import definition and get it exactly how you want it to be, you can then import the time seamlessly each time you run payroll.

Red Wing Software offers time import as an add-on purchase for CenterPoint Payroll Software. If you don’t use CenterPoint Payroll, ask your provider if a time import function is available.

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  • Hi,
    What is the cost of the add-on purchase for CenterPoint Payroll Software?

    Thank you
  • Hi Cindy, the Time Import add-on for CenterPoint Payroll is a one time cost of $195.
  • Can you tell me about "CenterPoint Payroll" ,
  • Hello Kavita,
    Thanks for your post! Yes I can provide you with information about CenterPoint Payroll Software. Here is the link to the CenterPoint Payroll product page. If there are any specific questions you have or things you'd like to know, please e-mail and we will get you answers right away!
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