Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer and Consultant to Farms and Agribusinesses: Wittman Consulting, Dick Wittman, Culdesac, Idaho
Story: Legacy Project: Smart Skills for Next-Gen Leaders
What the story is about: The importance of adopting key farm management proficiencies.
Red Wing Software Customer: Valley Springs Farm, Reedsburg, Wisconsin
Story: They Added Revenue, Not Cows (Hoard's Dairyman)
What the story is about: Farms choosing to add additional income through unique business opportunities.
Red Wing Software Customer: Homestead Dairy, Plymouth, Indiana
Story: How Do 36 Robots Compare to a Double-25 Parallel? (Hoard's Dairyman)
What the story is about: Analysis about robotic milking and its viability for big dairies.
Red Wing Software Customer: Freeport State Bank, Freeport, Minnesota
Story: From Our Side of the Fence: Lenders: How are you working with your dairy clients? (Hoard's Dairyman)
What the story is about: Interviews with various lenders about trends in agriculture and banking.
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