Payroll Solutions

Looking for payroll solutions?

Payroll is an important part of your business. Staying compliant with payroll tax filing and paying employees on time are both crucial functions. The right payroll solutions help businesses stay compliant with taxes, keep employees happy, and streamline payroll processing.

Here are some of the first things to think about on your journey to finding good payroll solutions, and more specifically, the right one for your business!

Basic, Medium or Advanced Payroll Solutions

Basic: most basic of payroll programs can often be purchased easily off the internet or on the shelves of retail stores. These programs often work very well for business that are just starting up and have only one or a few employees. Remember, you will need to get updated tax information so your tax forms are up to date. Once it’s time to get updated tax forms, this will typically incur a cost. Also, once you reach a certain number of employees or other data, the software provider may require you upgrade to a paid service to accommodate that. One popular provider of basic payroll is Quickbooks Payroll by Intuit. They offer several basic options. Signs you need a basic payroll solution:

Basic Payroll Solutions

  • You only have one or a few employees.
  • You are just starting to run payroll.
  • You don’t have any special payroll needs.

Medium: When your business grows, you start growing in your payroll needs as well. Adding more employees means more employee garnishment types, more ways to pay employees (such as salaried, commissioned, piece rate, and more), and maybe even the management of multiple company payrolls. These are just a few of the signs you need a better payroll solution. Many companies start tracking information by hand and quickly find it frustrating and inefficient. Medium payroll solutions can usually handle the tracking of that information for you, streamlining your job and ensuring accurate payroll data. For medium solutions, you should write down your specific needs and work with a company representative to be sure their software can meet all you are looking to accomplish. Check out CenterPoint Payroll Software by Red Wing Software, which helps thousands of businesses in the U.S. accommodate their growing payroll needs. Here are just a few of the signs you are ready to move to a medium solution:

Medium Payroll Solutions

  • Spreadsheet tracking of payroll information is cumbersome.
  • You need to enter and track payroll information for multiple locations or multiple states.
  • Functions such as pay or deduction codes are more complex than your system can accommodate.
  • Your system is bogged down, slow, or experiencing crashes and lock-ups.

Advanced: If yours is a very large business, you may start to require more advanced functions than small or medium payroll solutions can offer. Detailed human resources management, employee and manager self-services resources, and time management are just a few of the things large companies may require for the efficient management of payroll. For advanced payroll solutions, you will likely work at length with a company representative or team about your needs. Implementation and training may take weeks or even months. Check out Lawson Software. Some of the signs your business needs advanced payroll:

Advanced Payroll Solutions

  • Standard systems just cannot handle your business needs, so software code changes are required.
  • You are using several different systems that don’t work well with each other.
  • You need much more detail than offered by a payroll solution, such as human resource management, benefits administration, or a multitude of other functions.
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