I've upgraded, so what’s next?

By Stephanie Elsen

what’s next

So, you made the decision to upgrade from an older Red Wing Software accounting or payroll program to a newer one. Congratulations. That’s a big decision, and one that can put you on your way to smoother processes and better financial management. Still haven’t gotten around to making the transfer from your older system to the newer one? There’s no need to feel bad. Rest assured knowing we are here to help you when you are ready. There are many different ways we offer to help you make the transition from one program to another. Use every option you can! Knowledge is power, and most of the options we offer come at no additional charge.

  1. Data Transfer.

    There are documents to help you transfer or “migrate” the data from your old program into the new one. Many customers choose to do the data transfer on their own, with the assistance of help documents and in program help. If you would rather not do that, we would be glad to do it for you, for a nominal fee. Pricing depends on the amount and condition of your data.

  2. Online Training Videos.

    Red Wing Software offers videos that were created specifically with the purpose of teaching new customers the essentials they need to be successful. Even if you’ve already been using the system, you can learn something from the videos! What’s more, you can view them at no additional charge, as long as your Customer Care Membership is current.

  3. Phone Support.

    No matter which step you are at along the way, Red Wing Software’s support team can help with issues or questions that arise during the upgrade process. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call with the toll free number you are provided when you upgrade. The number is specific to your product, so you will be directly connected to the right team. Customers with current Customer Care Membership have unlimited support available to them.

  4. Classroom Training.

    Many customers feel comfortable starting out with online training and support. For those who prefer training in person, Red Wing Software offers classroom training.

Don’t forget that your software will help you for years to come, and the time you invest at the start will pay off in efficiency as time goes on. It’s an investment worth making!

Importance of a Good Audit Trail

By Stephanie Elsen

Women in crowd

If you are a Red Wing Software customer, chances are you know the benefits of a good audit trail. That’s because this feature has always been a top priority for our payroll and accounting software over the years.

A good audit trail can help prevent and detect fraud. Being able to see every action within your system by user can help you monitor their activity. If users know their activity is monitored, they are much less likely to commit fraudulent activity.

A good audit trail enables you to provide necessary documentation for third party organizations (such as banks and investors) that require it.

A good audit trail helps reconstruct events once an issue is detected.

Having a good audit trail in your accounting software provides peace of mind, knowing that events are being recorded by user and that information can be accessed anytime to look back at the history to solve problems.