The Person Behind the Voice - Stephanie Elsen

by Stephanie Elsen

You may have seen my name before on Red Wing Software’s company blog, Facebook page, or elsewhere. I handle the Web marketing at Red Wing Software; I also answer the phones on occasion. I have been at Red Wing Software for about 8 years. It is a wonderful place to work, and frankly I love it here. By day, you will find me writing articles, Web copy, blog posts, and talking to customers now and then too. But in my spare time, I have a passion for the wonderful sport of hockey. And my 13 year old son, Luke, is my favorite player.

I know it’s a little overdone to be a Minnesotan and love hockey. But every single hockey game is so full of action and excitement. I try not to miss any of my son’s games or tournaments, and they fill nearly every weekend (and some week nights) from October to March.

Since my son was little, I’ve tried my best to play hockey along with him, shooting on each other in the basement or driveway. One time I even planned a ‘parents vs. kids’ tournament. And I fell and broke my ankle before the game even started. (I never said I was a good player!) But I still love the game and even make it to as many Minnesota Wild games as I can each season.

Stephanie and Luke, Tubing in Hudson, Wisconsin