What Kind of Accounting Software Buyer Are You?

By Stephanie Elsen

If you are currently searching for accounting software, it may help to know what kind of buyer you are, so you can get the best results from your search. Web site www.FindAccountingSoftware.com has developed a free tool you can use to prioritize what is important, and use that information to get the best search results. Follow this link to give it a try!

Quiz: What Kind of Accounting Software Buyer Are You?

Technology Quiz

By Stephanie Elsen

Are you tech savvy? Try this “just for fun” quiz and see just how well you do!

  1. Where is your accounting software data typically stored?

  2. Google is an example of a:
  3. A flash drive is:
  4. Which new Windows® operating system is being released Fall 2012?
  5. What do you call two or more computers that are within a limited distance away from each other

Red Wing Software Customer Indy Family Farms Receives Honors

By Stephanie Elsen

Red Wing Software customer Indy Family Farms has been honored twice in recent months: once with a Certification Award and another with a story in the popular Progressive Farmer Magazine.

In July 2012, Indy Family Farms, in Greenwood, Indiana was awarded Environmental Certification by Validus for their commitment to environmental cropland stewardship. The award recognizes a farmer's commitment to caring for the land and implementing exceptional conservation practices while applying strong security measures throughout the farm.

Indy Family Farms was also featured in the September 2012 issue of Progressive Farming Magazine! The story focused on the use of technology to help grow their family business.

Congratulations to Indy Family Farms!

Rob Richards and sons Eric and Aaron Dave Charrlin Photography