Important 2024 Tax Table Update Information

On December 20, 2023, Red Wing Software released the first 2024 tax table update. Please download and install this update prior to your first pay run of 2024.

What's Included in the Update?
CenterPoint Payroll 2024 Tax Table Update version 18.12 - All required Federal and FICA tax changes effective January 1, 2024, and the FICA Wage Base Limit change to $168,600, as well as 2024 State tax changes received by December 19, 2023. To view the tax changes and download the 2024 Tax Table Update, check our website for current information.
Important notice for Colorado, Iowa and Montana: These states significantly changed their tax calculations. Prior to running your first pay run of 2024, we recommend verifying your employee tax setup. Check with your state Department of Revenue for more details.
To verify your employee setup:
Install the version 18.12 tax table update.
Open CenterPoint Payroll.
Select Setup > Employees.
Edit an employee and select the Taxes tab.
Select your state withholding tax and verify the 01/01/24 Tax Detail setup on each employee.
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