Employee Spotlight - Ryan Palmer

Hi, my name is Ryan Palmer. I have been a Graphic Designer at Red Wing Software for 17 years. My responsibilities range from designing postcards and trade show booths, editing and publishing videos, administering the website, and doing front-end web development. In other words, I wear a lot of hats. I have two kids, Liam (10) and Maggie (8), with my wife Cori, the QA Analyst at Red Wing Software. During the warmer months, I love camping and mountain biking as a family, volunteering with the local mountain bike club, and working in the yard. In the winter, I like to slow down, and I spend my time inside cooking, playing video games, and working on small projects around the house. I frequently take on overly ambitious home improvement projects with completely made-up timelines (My favorite one is, “This should only take a month”). Prime examples: taking two years to renovate a kitchen only to sell the house six months after finishing it or redoing all the floors and trim in the house we just moved into, which I hopefully will finish sometime before my kids graduate high school.
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