Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Being laser-focused to complete a mission seems like a smart thing, especially when the mission is time‑sensitive. Several years ago, I had such a mission. I was heading to a meeting in Fargo, ND, from my home office in the south suburbs of Chicago. Getting to O’Hare airport after the flight departs doesn’t leave many options, so I was laser-focused to complete this mission and get to the airport on time.
It was a typical winter day with blowing snow and slow traffic, but I was determined to get to O’Hare in time to catch my flight. After much frustration with traffic and conditions, I made it to the airport, parked, and entered the terminal with little time to spare.
Mission accomplished. I breathed a sigh of relief. But wait. Why is my flight not on the departures board? In my quest to complete the mission, I lost focus on my mission’s destination. It turns out I’m at the wrong airport. My flight was leaving from Midway airport.
Everything worked out, and I got to Fargo in time for the meeting, but the moral of the story is, “When you are laser-focused to accomplish any mission, make sure you’re heading for the correct destination.”
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