Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

As you probably know, the entire staff of Red Wing Software has been working from home since the end of March. As we often do when we have problems to solve or questions to answer, we assembled a small team to help determine what returning to the office would look like. We received many good suggestions from the group and will be implementing some criteria for people to follow while in the office, and changes to the facility itself.
While every company’s work environment will be different, it is essential to make sure people feel safe in their workspace. With our group, keeping things clean and sanitized was a unanimous goal. Most of the group also felt wearing a mask, when social distancing was hard or not possible, might be important. They also did not feel they would need to wear a mask while working at their desk. One of the overwhelming observations, but not surprising knowing our staff, was that people were very concerned about the safety of others, even more so than their own.
One of the things we will make clear to our team is that if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable working in the office, they can continue to work from home until such time that the threat subsides. That is certainly an advantage that Red Wing Software has that other businesses may not.
Whatever your business has done or will be doing as the country returns to work, it is vital to have a plan and maintain communication with everyone involved.


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