Job Performance - Have You Lost Your Mojo?

Remember how excited you were to start your job? The anticipation, the nervousness, maybe even downright terrified for that first day. You worked hard to be a team player, built relationships with your co-workers, and gave 150% to show everyone you have what it takes to get the job done. Flash forward a couple of years, how’s that motivation now? I bet many would say comfortable, maybe even in auto pilot mode, and the enthusiasm that you had that first day has waned a bit. I think at one point or another, we have all felt that way. How can you get your mojo back? Two words; continuing education. Don’t roll your eyes and start thinking how am I going to go back to school when I have little extra time or money. I am talking about venturing out and attending a conference in your field. There’s nothing like spending a few days networking with people, learning new ideas and rejuvenating your mind and spirit. And the best part, most employers will pay for it. One of the things I appreciate the most about my boss, is he truly believes in the value of continuing education. In fact, it is part of our job description; we are encouraged to have 40 hours of continuing education each year. We receive credit for books read in our field, trade shows and online Webinars we attend, and of course outside conferences or workshops.

I just returned from a content marketing conference in Cleveland that included over 600 professional marketers from all over the world. The networking opportunities were amazing and I attended break-out sessions lead by industry leading experts and authors, whose books by the way, I have read and are on my Kindle. The best part of the conference? The friends I have made and the new information I learned, left me motivated and excited to come back and work harder at my job. You might say I found my mojo!

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