Employee Spotlight - Aaron Young

My name is Aaron Young, and yes, that is the remnant of a British accent you can detect. I don’t sound like Hugh Grant; much to my wife’s disappointment, more like Hagrid.
I've been with Red Wing Software since 1999. I started as a Programmer Analyst, then a Senior Programmer Analyst, and I have been the new Software Development Manager for the past four years. My job is to figure out how to implement our ideas for the software we create and allocate the necessary resources. Which is to say, my team and I get to have all the fun writing the software you use.
I emigrated from England in 1998 after meeting my wife Debra online, before dating sites and catfishing was a thing, and when you had to physically dial-up the internet, I know, prehistoric times – our phones had cords! – oh, the humanity! I'm very pleased to say we're still together, in fact we just recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.
When I'm not working, I'm a bit of a homebody. I like to relax and read books (mostly fiction) and watch movies, collect Star Wars memorabilia (I'm a nerd), and play with my two Bassett Hounds who completely ignore every command I give them, but love me anyway, because I feed them.

Keeping Up with the Cutting Edge

In an industry where technology is updated all the time, it's easy for your business to become less efficient if the software you rely on doesn't keep up with current trends.

Whether it's supporting the latest database servers or being able to run on the latest Microsoft Windows® operating systems; a piece of software that hasn't been updated for quite some time could be surprisingly detrimental to your bottom line.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your business isn't left in the dust:

  1. Stay on top of updates released by your software provider

    Don't let them pass too long, not only could you get a fix for a defect you've been working around for the last few weeks or months, but you might also pick up some new functionality which could make you more efficient in your day-to-day processes.

  2. Make sure you have a support plan

    These may seem like an unnecessary expense; what could go wrong - right? But find yourself in a jam just once and you'll wish you hadn't held-off on buying some peace of mind. Support plans also ensure you'll receive continued updates and product enhancements over the coming year(s).

  3. Really learn the software

    You rely on software to make your business profitable, yet how often have you watched someone else use the same product only to discover some functionality you never knew existed? Most line of business applications offer training options, whether through enhanced how-to documentation, online webinars or on/off-site training sessions - utilize the knowledge of the professionals, learn all those tips and tricks for getting the most out of your software.