The Person Behind the Voice – Melissa Gora

Melissa Gora has been the HR Generalist at Red Wing Software for seven years. As the HR Generalist, she handles employment law, recruitment, benefits and payroll. You may have spoken with Melissa as she also answers the phones now and then.

Melissa has two lovely girls, Ella and Anna! They enjoy doing many activities, including attending concerts in the park and other musical events, walking dogs at the Humane Society, swimming, playing games and watching movies. Her girls enjoy school, and love arts and crafts! They even arranged an end of summer event at their daycare, where all the children participated and performed in a talent show for the parents.

While Melissa enjoys spending time with her family most of all, she also enjoys live music, reading, walking, cooking and meeting friends for coffee.

Melissa and her girls

The Person Behind the Voice – Mark Place

Mark Place has been a technical support specialist for Red Wing Software for six years. He supports the Red Wing Windows Payroll and CenterPoint products. What he enjoys most about his job is the satisfaction of helping customers and knows how grateful they are when issues get resolved. He also enjoys chatting with customers on a more personal level.

Mark grew up in the Red Wing area and moved back here after living in South Dakota for 12 years. He wanted his kids to grow up closer to family. He and his wife built a home on a corner of the dairy farm he grew up on, which his dad later told him had the worst soil on the farm. No wonder it’s taken 10 years of hard work to get a nice lawn! His wife and three kids are his first priority and he spends as much time with them as possible. They especially enjoy going to Christian music festivals where they get to hear some of their favorite bands. Some family adventures don’t go as planned, like when their friend stranded them in the middle of a river with his Ranger.

Mark and his family stranded in the river

The Person Behind the Voice – Dave Rozmarich

Dave Rozmarich is a programmer who lives in Colorado, and has been developing Red Wing Software programs for 15 years. While by day he builds and improves Red Wing Software’s products, Dave is an avid sports fan! I caught up with Dave and here’s what he had to say!

“I′ve been a Colorado Avalanche season ticket holder for 15 years. I saw Ray Bourque raise the cup in 2001, and have a picture of it framed, right above my desk. I′m also a huge Broncos fan, and even though they just lost the Super Bowl, I will always remember the day when John Elway won his first Super Bowl. I also love spending time with my two daughters, bringing them to places like amusement parks, zoos and museums. It’s just fun to see how much fun they are having.”

Dave Rozmarich with his two daughters