The Person Behind the Voice – Larry Kirkpatrick

My name is Larry Kirkpatrick, and I work in the Technical Support department at Red Wing Software. I have worked for Red Wing Software two different times: from 1981-1985, and then I came back in 1997 and have been here since then. The quality of the people I work with and service at Red Wing Software is incredible and I think it shows to our customers. I still talk to customers today who I talked to back in the 1980s. I am married and have two kids. My son Ian is 30, and my daughter Keli is 27.

When I am not working, I love to spend time with family and friends and my two dogs Kiska, a yellow lab, and Will, my boxer who has been a challenge since he was born deaf. One of them has to go everywhere with me. I also have a passion for rebuilding old cars and motorcycles, or as my wife says, ‘anything with a motor’. My wife and I have had an exciting past year. In June, my daughter was married, and two weeks later we decided to sell our larger family home and downsize to a smaller one with more property. We are finally settling in and enjoying our new home.

Larry K