Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer: North Creek Dairy, Chatfield, Minnesota
Story: Blizzard Causes Widespread Destruction
What the story is about: Collapsed roofs and destruction caused by the recent blizzard.
Red Wing Software Customer: Dorrich Dairy, Glenwood, Minnesota
Story: Sharing U.S. Dairy’s Sustainability Story and Progress
What the story is about: The Dairy Sustainability Alliance provides a forum for member organizations to collaborate on issues facing the industry and accelerate progress toward common sustainability goals.
Red Wing Software Customer: Deer Run Dairy, Adams, New York
Story: Homemade Calf Warming Shed
What the story is about: Deer Run Dairy came up with their own, innovative solution for drying off and warming up baby calves in cold weather.
Red Wing Software Customer: Newmont Farm, Bradford, Vermont
Story: Meet Progressive Dairyman’s 2019 Reader Advisers
What the story is about: Progressive Dairyman introduces some of their 2019 reader advisers, and Newmont Farm is among them.
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