Behind the Scenes - August 2020

Mike (Quality Assurance Manager) and his family visited the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, UP Michigan.
Ashley (Accounting Software Support Specialist) is excited to announce the purchase of her first home. Ashley, her daughter, Paytin, and pet dog, Bandit, are all settling in nicely.
Allison (Accounting Software Support Specialist) had a fun time at a bachelorette party. (Allison is standing to the left of the bride-to-be.)

Behind the Scenes - July 2020

Allison (Accounting Software Support Specialist) and her favorite Disc Golf player Kevin Jones (she was his caddy for a tournament).
Carole (Staff Accountant) and daughter, Zoe, attended a ranch riding clinic last weekend with their horses. They navigated some new obstacles and started learning to rope off the horses.
Katrina (Customer Service Representative) and her family enjoyed a ride in their new toy…a Ranger.
Connie’s (Technical Writer) daughter, Lindsey, was accepted into the online Forensic Toxicology Master’s Degree program at the University of Florida and is excited to continue her education. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville with Chemistry and Forensic Investigation undergraduate degrees.

Behind the Scenes - June 2020

Katrina (Customer Service Representative) captured this awesome picture of lightning during a storm on June 2nd.
Roxie (Administrative Assistant) enjoyed birthday partying with three of her grandsons (ages 11, 6 and 1) whose birthdays are within five days of each other.
Ashley’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) daughter, Paytin, got her braces off.
Allison’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) dog, Bentley (black Great Dane), visited his “girlfriend”, Abby (Golden Lab cross), and Abby’s brother, Arlo (the brown and white Shepherd cross).

Behind the Scenes - May 2020

Allison (Accounting Support Specialist) on the right, her boyfriend and fellow Elks volunteers gather for the Spring 2020 Highway cleanup. Allison is currently the Lecturing Knight for our local Elks lodge #845.
Katrina (Customer Service Representative) and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary quarantine style by putting the ol’ wedding dress on and watching the sunset with their daughter!
Stephanie (Marketing), Ryan (Graphic Designer), Cori (QA Analyst), Matt (Sales Representative), and Katrina (Customer Service Representative) decided to show off some of their cooking skills to pass the time during quarantine. The first theme was Mexican food. #RWSHomeCooking

Behind the Scenes - April 2020

Ashley’s (Accounting Software Support Specialist) daughter, Paytin, turned 13 during the quarantine.
Katrina’s (Customer Service Representative) daughter, Kyla, has now lost two teeth in one week! Pretty soon she won’t have any teeth after the quarantine! 😂
Stephanie (Marketing) and her new husband, Glenn, decided to get married, despite having postponed their regular wedding date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They set up a table and chairs in their front yard, so family, friends, and drivers-by could honk or stop by and give a toast from their car. The response was overwhelming and they had a wonderful day. Friends and family drove from hours away, and even people they didn’t know stopped by with gifts. As they posted on their Facebook page, LOVE WINS!
Video has been a crucial element to Red Wing Software, while employees work from home due to COVID-19.
Julie’s (Implementation Consultant) son, Jackson, was appointed to their Moot Court Executive Board, which is kind of like the Supreme Court of their Moot Court competitions.