AgCHEK and Perception Users: Three Important Things You Need to Know

Ag Check and Support Ends

Red Wing Software users of programs AgCHEK and Perception: there are some upcoming changes to be aware of: AgCHEK and Perception support will be ending soon. (You’ve likely seen a note about this in the company newsletters, postcards or elsewhere.) Support will be ending March 31st, 2015 for AgCHEK and Perception. This means after that date, you will no longer be able to receive support services via telephone or email, and updates will no longer be made to the programs. In addition, there will no longer be payroll updates available for Perception Payroll after December 31st, 2014. Even though the thought of moving to something new might make you anxious, we want you to know that we are here to help! Here are three important facts about moving to CenterPoint, that may just help put your mind at ease, and get you on the road to making the move.

  • All of your data will transfer to CenterPoint.

    Yes, ALL of your data will transfer over from Perception and AgCHEK, even the history! Your vendors, customers, chart of accounts, transaction history…EVERYTHING. What’s more, the process of bringing your data over is a very simple one. There is a tool built-in to CenterPoint Accounting which allows you to complete the process yourself, or the support team can help out if you prefer. They can also help you make sure everything transferred correctly. So you need not worry about having to go back to your old system once you make the move to CenterPoint. You also don’t need to run the two systems parallel, once you’ve made the switch.

  • You can work with the same support technicians.

    Are you worried you’ll have to work with somebody new, once you switch to CenterPoint? You may be happy to know that the same technicians who support Perception and AgCHEK also provide support for CenterPoint. So, you will be familiar with the people helping you. (Note, all of our technicians are excellent, so you wouldn’t have to worry anyway!)

  • There are many ways to learn the new program.

    You’ve been a customer of Red Wing Software for many years, so surely you know we stand behind our customers! There are several ways you can get used to the new CenterPoint program. Most of them are free.

    • Online training videos. (FREE) There are two “New User Essentials” videos available online, which you can use to familiarize yourself with the CenterPoint program. Each video is 60 minutes long, and you can view them at your leisure. You need not be signed in, and a Customer Care Plan is not required. (You can view them now if you’d like!) Customers who view both videos are much more successful in their transition. Click here to learn more: Online Training Videos.

    • View a live demo. (FREE) If you are thinking about making the switch, but you have specific questions or want to see certain things in action, you can schedule and attend a live, personalized online demonstration. To schedule a demo, call us at 800-732-9464, or visit this link to schedule it online: View a Live Demo

    • How2 Documents. (FREE) The How2 Documents section of the web site offers step-by-step instructions for specific processes within CenterPoint. To view the How2 Documents, you need to have a Customer Care Plan and be signed in.

    • Classroom training. (Additional Cost) Some people prefer to attend a live classroom training session. If that is you, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more: Classroom Training.

Moving to CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture is an excellent option. Read some of the customer comments about CenterPoint: CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture Customer Comments. Give us a call if you have any questions, or you are ready to take the next step: 800-732-9464.

Red Wing Software® Releases Free Guides for Switching Accounting and Payroll Software

By Stephanie Elsen

Red Wing Software, Inc. announces the addition of three guides to help software seekers make the right decision when outgrowing their basic or “starter” software programs. The guides are meant to cover every step of the software search, and can help organizations make the right software decision for their business.

“The internet has become the go-to place for organizations researching for accounting and payroll software,” says Stephanie Elsen, Red Wing Software Web Marketing Manager. “Our aim is to provide those outgrowing their basic programs the information they need to make the right decision. These guides help them move to another program that fits their needs and budget, without wasting their time and money. The guides provide valuable details they might not otherwise understand, and will help them narrow down their search to a short list of software vendors.”

Three guides are currently available:

  1. The Complete Guide to Switching from Basic to Advanced Accounting Software

    For businesses using basic accounting programs that are outgrowing their features and functions.

  2. The Complete Guide to Switching from Basic to Advanced Payroll Software

    For businesses using basic payroll programs that are outgrowing their features and functions.

  3. The Complete Guide to Switching from General to Agricultural Accounting Software

    For agricultural operations/farms using general accounting programs, and want a way to improve profits and help make better decisions.

All three guides are available for free. They are ad-free and are packed with tips for helping with a software search. Visit to download your guides.

Farm Record Keeping – How Can Your Farm Benefit from Better Financial Management?

By Stephanie Elsen

Keeping track of financial information for your farm is crucial to generating profits. Tracking that information allows you to analyze the numbers, so you can see what’s working and what needs improvement. If you are currently using manual methods or a very basic bookkeeping program, you can benefit by taking your farm record keeping a step further. You might be amazed at the results and growth you will experience by analyzing your numbers, and basing your decisions on those numbers. Here are some of the advantages to upgrading your financial management system.

Easily provide your banker with any documents needed.

An agricultural financial management system, when used properly, allows you to keep track of important information. When you need to provide documents for loans or loan renewals, that information is already stored within your system, so you can pull up reports such as a balance sheet or income statement with ease.

Plan for profits.

Knowledge is power, and when you have accurate information available at your fingertips, you are able to plan for future profits based on actual history, using tools like budgeting, asset information, and cash flow analysis. None of these are available with manual record keeping methods.

Track each enterprise as its own entity for analysis.

With manual recordkeeping, it can be hard to know how each area of your operation is performing. By implementing a computerized farm record keeping system, you will be able to see which of your profit centers are performing poorly and either improve or eliminate them. Also, knowing which areas are performing well will give you insight into what you should continue to focus on for maximum profits.

Distribute expenses to the right profit center.

Wondering what your true cost of production is? Understanding your cost of production gives you valuable insight that makes it easy to see where cost cutting or pricing adjustments are needed. Using a good Ag financial management tool allows you to distribute costs to multiple profit centers or production centers from one transaction, so you can run reports and understand your true cost of production. And with this information in hand, you’ll be on your way to increased profits.

As with any process or system, you get out of it what you put into it. Using a better financial management system for your farm record keeping, and making sure you keep it up to date, will send you on your way to increased profits. With your effort and an Ag financial management tool, you can improve your farm’s profitability and be more confident in decision making for your farm.