Payroll Tax Holiday

On August 8, 2020, President Trump signed an executive order calling for a deferral of the employees’ portion of the payroll Social Security tax from September 1, 2020 through the end of the year. On August 28, 2020, the Department of Treasury and IRS issued guidance for implementing the executive order. If you want to offer the payroll tax holiday to your employees, Red Wing Software recommends consulting your tax accountant to determine the best way to handle the change to your payrolls. If you have any questions about how to implement your plan in CenterPoint Payroll, contact Red Wing Software Technical Support.

Red Wing Cloud Services Presents a NEW Fresh Interface

Ready for the Cloud? Check Out the New User Experience!
Have you been thinking about going to the cloud? There’s no better time to make the switch! Red Wing Software has recently ramped up the cloud experience, making the interface easier to use. And all the benefits of moving to the cloud still apply.
Work from anywhere an internet connection is available.
No more need for complex hardware setup and performing software updates.
Data backups done automatically.
Seamless, quick transition from the installed version of CenterPoint.
Give us a call today and get started using CenterPoint in the cloud!

CARES Act COVID-19 Reporting Updates

Congress recently passed coronavirus tax relief bills (CARES Act) to help businesses deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 Form 941, through our Aatrix tax forms software, is now available. If you have been using our recommended CARES Act COVID-19 paid leave setup process with the ability to select Retention Credit pay runs outlined in the document below, the 2020 Form 941 will automatically perform the new required calculations. If you did not follow the CenterPoint COVID paid leave setup process, the COVID-19 information will need to be manually entered on the 941 form in Aatrix (Retention Credit pay runs can still be selected). CenterPoint Payroll also has access to Form 7200 - Advance Payment of Employer Credits Due to COVID-19, and other CARES Act COVID-19 reports including PPP Payroll Cost reports to assist in completing the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application.
Click here to view documentation on CenterPoint Payroll and COVID-19 Paid Leave. Or from within CenterPoint Payroll, select Help > CenterPoint Help, and then enter COVID-19 in the Search bar.

NEW: Sign into Online Services from ‘My Account’

Red Wing Software has now made it easier for customers to log into online services for Publish Pay Advices, CenterPoint Time Clock, Red Wing Cloud Service, etc. Links to all online services are now available on the ‘My Account’ page. To access the links to your online services:
Go to the Red Wing Software website:
Click Log in. Enter your Email Address/Password and click Login. The My Member Account page will display.
If you are logged into the Red Wing Software website, select Welcome, (your name) and then select My Account Home to display the My Member Account page.
In the Online Services section, direct login links are provided for customers who are subscribed to the services, and there is also a list of online services available for those who are not subscribed.

Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer: Roossinck Orchards, Fremont, Michigan
Story: IFTA tour touts growers, processor power, March 2020 Issue of Fruit Grower News
Summary: The Roossinck family, along with other growers, attended the International Fruit Tree Association Conference.