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Red Wing Software Customers Share Comments about Aatrix Tax Filing

clock April 20, 2015 1:17 PM by author StephanieE

Aatrix provides the tax forms and tax filing services, seamlessly from all Red Wing Software products. They recently conducted a survey, and found some very good satisfaction among customers!

Aatrix Survey

Did You Know?

clock April 13, 2015 8:28 AM by author StephanieE

Did you know that you can view previous newsletters from Red Wing Software? Simply sign in to our web site, and click on My Red Wing Software in the upper right corner of the home page. You will be taken to your own personal Red Wing Software dashboard. You will see a heading entitled NEWSLETTERS where you can choose and view the newsletter by the month.

Notes from the President

clock April 7, 2015 1:38 PM by author khilton
Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Data security and privacy is an important topic at Red Wing Software. We understand whenever data is shared with us, or any other trusted advisor, you expect and deserve complete confidence that your information is protected from inappropriate use.

On a number of occasions, and as a regular part of our customer service, customers give us access to their private/personal information by providing us access to their computers using a support tool. Sometimes, when our support staff is helping troubleshoot an issue, they will take control of your computer, and step through processes that help you find mistakes in data or help interpret information on reports. This can only be done by you initiating the process on your end so we can access your computer, and only works for that individual session.

We also provide data migration services for people moving from a legacy Red Wing product to our newer technology. This usually involves the customer sending their financial data files to us over a secure internet connection, so we can move their information from the old product to the new one. Then, we use the secure connection to send the new data back to the customer.

We have policies in place for how customer data is handled and how it can be received from the customer and returned or removed from our computers. We have a team created that meets regularly to ensure that these policies are always followed and we are using the latest technology for securely handling our own, and our customers’ personal/private information. Please rest assured that your information is safe with us.

- Ken Hilton, President

Support Has Ended for AgCHEK and Perception Customers

clock April 3, 2015 2:35 PM by author StephanieE
Ag Check and Support has Ended

Red Wing Software has discontinued support services and
product upgrades for all AgCHEK and Perception products as of March 31, 2015.

Red Wing Software has put together a process to help AgCHEK and Perception users transition to CenterPoint.

To speak with a consultant, please call 800-732-9464.

Believing These 3 Myths about Accounting Software Keeps You from Growing

clock March 26, 2015 1:35 PM by author StephanieE

Using an accounting system that can′t handle your business needs can be detrimental to the growth of your business. Check out these three myths about accounting software and see if your business is being held back.

Myth 1: It′s better to stay with my current accounting system than spend time and money on something new.

It may be tempting to stick with the accounting program your business has been using for many years. Moving to a new system takes time and effort, and it also means your accounting team will need to learn the new system. After many years of using the same system, users have likely become comfortable with it. As the system has aged and become outdated, users may have built work-arounds to make up for the lack of features. Because these work-arounds become habit, they don′t seem to be additional work, but in reality, there is likely a better way. Newer technology can eliminate work-arounds, eliminating manual work and reducing errors. Implementing a new system can help you provide better customer service, and can also help you increase profitability when you know where your profits are coming from.

Myth 2: All accounting systems offer basically the same features.

If you search for the term ‘accounting software’ you will find a multitude of systems available. You can be sure that none of those systems are exactly the same. All accounting systems offer a unique set of features. If you are working with a system that does not contain the features your business needs to operate efficiently, you are holding your company back from growing. Imagine the time you could save by emailing invoices, importing bank transactions, or being able to manage two inventory locations. These are just a few of the accounting system features that can propel your business forward because of the time-savings. In-depth reporting can also make a difference to your bottom line. By seeing information relevant to your business, you can make adjustments to increase your profitability.

Myth 3: If the software is good enough, I won′t need support.

No matter how good a software system, support is extremely important. Using software without support can lead to confusion and costly mistakes. The software support team can help you learn new processes and ways of doing things you may not have thought about, which can in turn help you streamline processes and increase revenue. They can answer any questions you have or help you solve problems. When you make a mistake and time is of the essence, you will be thankful to have a support person walk you through the process of fixing it, rather than guessing and getting it wrong. Indeed, support may just be the most important consideration for your software purchase.

Using an outdated software system or one that does not meet your business needs can hold your business back. Now that these myths have been busted, have a look at your system with fresh eyes and consider how you can grow by moving to something that fits your business better.


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