Customers in the News

Red Wing Software Customer: Son-Bow Farms, Spring Valley, Wisconsin
Story: Son-Bow Farms Cuts Cost of Production with ‘New Way’ of Manure Handling
What the story is about: A unique process, used by Son-Bow Farms, that results in other useful products.
Red Wing Software Customer: Drake Dairy, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Story: Leadership Paves Way to Partnership at Drake Dairy
What the story is about: Jim Drake and Omar Guerrero worked together over the years to help Omar achieve excellence in farming, and the American dream.
Red Wing Software Customer: United Dreams Dairy, North Freedom, Wisconsin
Story: Large or Small, These Herds Make Quality Milk
What the story is about: United Dreams Dairy was able to keep their excellent milk quality, even while doubling in size.
Red Wing Software Customer: Compeer Financial, Baldwin, Wisconsin
Story: Evaluate your Operation’s Profitability
What the story is about: Tim Swenson of Compeer Financial describes the “three-legged stool”: expenses, revenue streams, and enhancing milk revenues, as a key to your operation’s profitability.
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