The Person Behind the Voice – Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton is a software sales consultant here at Red Wing Software. If you purchased a product from us, you have probably spoken with him! He is extremely well-versed in Red Wing Software products, and has been working here for 12 years! But did you know that Matt is also a huge fan of all types of music? I checked in with Matt this month to learn more about his musical interest.

  1. Music is your passion – how did your appreciation for music start?

    My music passion began at a very young age and was mostly influenced by my parents. My father was a musician and played in several bands when he was younger, and both of my parents always encouraged my sister and me to explore many different musical genres.

  2. What kind of music do you enjoy, and which instrument do you play?

    I listen to and enjoy about every genre of music that exists. My musical tastes range anywhere from country to classical. I do not limit my musical preference to any specific genre. I primarily listen to rockabilly and jazz at the moment, but it does vary quite a bit from day to day. I grew up playing trumpet but don’t play as much anymore, but still enjoy the instrument.

  3. How have you been able to keep music in your life over the years?

    Although, I do not play much anymore, I do enjoy teaching. I have spent many summers over the last few years teaching drum and bugle corps, as well as private lessons. I very much enjoy watching young musicians develop into very talented adults. I believe that teaching helps me personally and professionally by giving me the opportunity to evaluate situations from different angles to come to a solid solution.

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