National Blueberry Month

July is National Blueberry Month! Red Wing Software happens to have many blueberry growers as customers. In fact, there is a wide variety of berry growers using Red Wing Software accounting software and payroll software applications. We checked in with one customer, a blueberry grower, and one Red Wing Software partner to see what they had to say about blueberries, in honor of National Blueberry Month.

Red Wing Software customer Liddy, from Lakeside Blueberry Farms, had this to say: “Michigan blueberry growers were much luckier than the tree fruit and grape growers (most of crops were destroyed by frost). Tonnage will be down, but we're in good shape compared to them. The industry is still going strong, but we're seeing less hand picking for fresh because of a limited work force. On top of that, growers are getting better prices for processed (machine picked).”

Red Wing Software partner Phyllis Baldwin has been working with several blueberry farmers in Michigan and had this to say: “Red Wing Payroll both Windows and CenterPoint meet the requirements of the labor department to show the hours worked for pieces picked and Gross dollars on the paystub. The labor department has also required the farmers to make sure the worker understands the paystub (multi-language stub if necessary) and signs the bottom pay stub. We have designed a custom check with approved statement on our pre-printed checks forms. The farmers are very happy with the ability to use data collection equipment to import into both payroll systems.”

Red Wing Software is proud to support blueberry growers nationwide. We wish a happy and prosperous National Blueberry Month to all!

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