Payroll Software and MICR Ink Check Printing: What They Can Do for You

MICR stands for “Magnetic Ink Character Recognition” and is a special kind of ink that can be detected by check processing machines. Some payroll software systems offer the ability to print checks on blank check stock, using MICR ink. This feature can benefit some businesses greatly and make payroll processing much easier. Here are some of the ways printing your checks on blank check stock with MICR ink can help you and your business.

Various check designs, various companies.

If you run the payroll for multiple companies, the MICR printing option could save you some serious time and frustration. Instead of having to load up the correct check paper for each separate company, use the MICR option and print checks with different designs onto the same blank check stock. This can also save you money if suspect there will be an address change or other information revision to your check stock. Instead of throwing out the old stock, you will be able to simply change the design and print onto your blank check paper. Using the MICR option allows you to print checks using multiple bank accounts too, especially helpful in the case of doing the payroll for separate companies.

Print check signature.

Another benefit of MICR printing is the ability to print a signature on file right onto your paychecks, especially helpful if the signing party is away or cannot sign the checks. Payroll software will typically require you to set up a security policy for each signature, so that only users who are given permission will have access to print checks with them. This is especially important, since the printing of checks would typically be allowed to only a very few people.

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