How to Keep Inventory Accurate after Physical Inventory

Keeping your inventory counts accurate not only increases profits, it also reduces frustration and saves time. Here are some simple tips to keep your inventory numbers accurate.

  • Start doing random checks of three to four items, every other day for a couple of weeks, or until discrepancies are found. The main reason for inaccurate inventory count is that not all transactions get into the system. By doing checks every other day, the transactions are fresh, and you can remember the transactions that might have been forgotten or missed.
  • If an inaccuracy is spotted, start tracking where that item went. Normally, you will find that the item was used internally, or it was used to fix another part, or someone picked it up and the sale wasn′t written down. Check those places first!
  • Make spot checks a part of your internal processes. This will enlighten you and those at your company as to where changes need to be made.

Once you make spot checks for inventory part of your ongoing processes, you will find that your inventory accuracy improves, frustrations are minimized, and less time is spent resolving end of year physical inventory counts. It′s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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