How does Red Wing Software determine which software enhancements will be made?

All accounting and payroll software changes originate from somewhere! First, there are the changes mandated by the government, such as tax rate changes and the recent FUTA changes, for which we create payroll updates and make them available to our customers. Secondly, there are bug fixes, or changes to the program that solve issues and problems. Then, there are other changes, and those come from customer comments and suggestions.

In fact, outside of mandated changes and bug fixes, 100% of Red Wing Software enhancements come from customer comments and suggestions. You might wonder how such changes are managed, since we have customers all over the U.S. and in other countries. The truth is, we get suggestions every day! Here is how they are handled for maximum customer satisfaction.

  1. When a comment or suggestion is given, it is entered into a knowledgebase, otherwise known as a database that holds enhancement suggestions.
  2. The knowledgebase is mined frequently, and suggestions are prioritized by which items will benefit the most people.
  3. A management team chooses as many suggestion items as time allows for and turns those into action items for the development team.
  4. Enhancements are made, tested and released, and customers are notified. The process starts again.

With these processes in place, we make sure our customers have a voice in the enhancements of the software they use to run their organization.

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