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2021 Payroll Tax Updates

The CenterPoint Payroll tax update is available for download by clicking the button below.

CenterPoint Tax Tables
(Updated 02/25/21)

If you are not on a Customer Care Membership and would like to receive tax updates, call 1‑800‑732‑9464 for more information.

What’s included in the 2021 tax table updates

All required State, Federal, and FICA tax changes effective January 1, 2021. The FICA Wage Base Limit changed to $142,800 for 2021.

Federal Tax changes (received 12/18/20):

  • Federal Withholding Tables
  • FICA Wage Limit change to $142,800

State Tax changes we have received (As of 07/20/21):

  • Alaska1
  • Arkansas2
  • California7
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut3
  • Hawaii1
  • Idaho2
  • Illinois2
  • Iowa2
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky2
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts3
  • Michigan1
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri2
  • Montana1
  • Nevada1
  • New Jersey6
  • New Mexico2
  • New York2
  • New York - Yonkers
  • North Carolina1
  • North Dakota2
  • Oklahoma1
  • Oregon2
  • Rhode Island5
  • South Carolina
  • Utah1
  • Vermont2
  • Washington4
  • Wyoming1
1 State Unemployment Only.
2 State Withholding and State Unemployment.
3 Family Leave Changes.
4 State Unemployment and Paid Leave Changes.
5 State Withholding, State Unemployment, and SDI Changes.
6 State Withholding, State Unemployment, WF, TDI, and FLI Changes.
7 State Withholding and SDI Changes.

If your state is not listed above, we have not received any information regarding tax table changes. Check back later for updated tax tables.

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