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Employee Portal

Connecting with your Employees.

The CenterPoint® Employee Portal allows employees convenient online access to view and modify payroll information.

Keep your records up to date.

  • Employees can view and update their personal information (name, address, phone, and email), Federal and State Withholding, and direct deposit allocation information from the Self-Serve section. Before creating a new pay run or updating employee setup, the payroll administrator is notified of any pending changes and can either approve or deny them. This makes payroll communication between employees and payroll administrators very efficient.

All your Red Wing Software Services in one spot.

  • The CenterPoint Employee Portal consolidates all the Red Wing Software payroll web services into one spot. Employees can open and launch CenterPoint Time Clock and Publish Pay Advice directly, making access to those services seamless.

Convenient Employee Access to CenterPoint Payroll Information.

  • Payroll information, company announcements, or other information, can be added to the Home section and edited at any time by the payroll administrator, making it easier for employees to stay up to date on important company information.

Get your Employees the Information they Need.

  • On the Quick Links section, payroll administrators can create useful links for employees to any external website or file. Use this section to communicate company policies or for providing benefit information such as health and dental insurance, flexible spending, IRS, 401K, etc.