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CenterPoint® Compatibility Restrictions

CenterPoint and Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Microsoft ended its support of the Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020. They are no longer providing system or security updates to the operating systems. Red Wing Software follows Microsoft guidelines and does not support CenterPoint on Windows 7 or Server 2008. CenterPoint is fully supported on newer operating systems.

Microsoft SQL Server

CenterPoint uses Microsoft SQL Server. For security and performance reasons, it is not recommended that Microsoft SQL Server be installed on a domain controller.

Red Wing Software will not assist in the installation and configuration of SQL Server on a domain controller.

Click here to review the Network (Multi-User) Installation Instructions for more information.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 End of Support 1/1/2020

Red Wing Software discontinued support of databases using SQL Server 2005 with CenterPoint version 15.0. If you are using SQL Server 2005 Express, you can upgrade your existing SQL Server installation from 2005 to a current version with our SQL Server Express Upgrade tools (log in to the Red Wing Software web site and go to My Account Home > Downloads.) If you are using the full version of SQL Server 2005, you may need to purchase a newer version. Red Wing Software recommends using SQL Server 2014 or higher with CenterPoint. For more information, contact support at 800-732-9464.