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Payroll Software
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  • “We complete the payroll process about forty percent faster.”
  • “You can easily get the information you need, right when you need it!”
  • “I cannot say enough good things about CenterPoint Payroll!”
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Payroll Software for Accountants

CenterPoint Payroll software adds profits by reducing the time and money associated with payroll processing.

Product Highlights

  • Online Time Clock
  • Online Access to Pay Stubs
  • Customizable Reports
  • Locally Installed or Cloud-Based (Identical Program)
  • Unlimited Companies, States, Employees, Users
  • eFiling and Complete Fulfillment Options

Simplify Payroll Processes

Streamline the work you do in processing payroll for your clients, no matter what industry they are in. If you provide professional services and are offering payroll services to your clients, CenterPoint Payroll has the tools to make payroll processing easier, whether your clients are small “mom and pop shops”, or large manufacturers with more complex needs.

ACA (Affordable Care Act) Management

Clients are already asking you as an accountant for help with ACA requirements. CenterPoint makes it easy by helping to manage their ACA information and report it correctly.

After The Fact Payroll

Allows for the entry of information by the accountant, in the case that the client processes payroll and the accountant records the information to ensure payroll compliance.

Check Stub Designer

The Check Stub Designer in CenterPoint allows you to custom design check stubs for your clients, and you can even translate them into another language. This option also allows you to print MICR encoding on blank check stock, and print signatures on checks.

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Customizable Reporting

A wide variety of payroll reports are available, and all are customizable, to meet the needs of your professional service clients. Reports can be exported to a variety of popular formats, including PDF and Microsoft® Excel.

Employee Payment Methods

Print paper checks, use direct deposit (via your client’s bank of choice), or pay via pay cards. CenterPoint also allows for an option to publish pay advices, so employees can log in and view their pay advice anytime.

Paperless Payroll

With CenterPoint Payroll, processing a paperless payroll becomes a possibility. With the use of direct deposit, eFiling, publish pay advices, online liability payments and emailed reports, you can process payroll for your clients without any paper.

Comprehensive Payroll Functions

When providing professional payroll services, you may find your customers have a wide variety of payroll processing needs. Make your job easier by letting the payroll system do the calculating for you – from flat rates to complex formulas. Earning and deduction codes are customizable. Even functions that can require complex formulas, such as wage garnishments and 401K deductions, can be handled in CenterPoint. And you′ll never run out of capabilities with CenterPoint′s unlimited capacity for employees, earnings, deductions, companies, and years of history.

Tax Filing Made Easy

You have the choice for each client on how to perform tax filing for your clients. All tax forms are populated right from within CenterPoint Payroll.

  • Print forms on plain paper and file manually.
  • File tax forms electronically (“eFile”.)
  • An additional option is available for both W-2 and 1099 printing that allows you, as the accountant, to eFile the State and Federal information on your client’s behalf, and then have the employee copy of the form printed and mailed to the employee by the same process used for eFiling.

Superior Support

Whether you’re an experienced accountant or just getting started providing payroll services for your clients, you will find Red Wing Software has some of the best payroll support in the industry. In-program help, online videos and step-by-step help documents, and unlimited phone support all help you provide the best payroll services to your clients.

CenterPoint Payroll Named to Capterra Top 20 Report

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Payroll for CenterPoint Accounting Software

CenterPoint Payroll offers these Features and Many More:

  • Flexible Time Entry and Processing
  • eFiling Option
  • Direct Deposit Option