Acccounting Tip

File 1099 Forms Electronically

Eliminate the time and hassle associated with printing and mailing forms! Many accounting software systems now offer the ability to file 1099 forms online, which can save hours of time printing and stuffing envelopes.

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Accounting Software Guides & Check Lists

Accounting Software Check List

This worksheet can be used as a guide to help your organization find the best accounting software application for you. Consider each field of information and fill in the appropriate answer for your needs. Send this check list to accounting software vendors you are interested in, or simply use it as a guideline when talking to vendors.

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Guide to Accounting and Payroll Software Jargon

Just as your business has its own set of jargon or industry-specific terminology, so does the software industry! If you are searching for accounting software or payroll software, the likelihood of hearing these terms is fairly high. Be prepared to speak with software representatives by understanding these key terms, and you will have a better chance of your needs being understood and met.

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Accounting Software Trends

Accounting Software Deployment Methods: Cloud, SAAS, In-House

These days, technology enables us to choose from a wide variety of installation types for accounting software. Which option is best for your business?

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Accounting Software Features That Can Streamline Accounting

Here are four ways to reduce the time it takes to do your accounting, by explaining Accounting Software Features That Can Reduce Double Entry.

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Switching Accounting Software

When is the Best Time to Switch Accounting Software?

This question is one we get frequently, since we are an accounting software company. Making the decision to move to a different software package can be tough, especially taking into consideration all the additional work in transferring data and learning the new system. Even so, your business needs change; software becomes outdated, and sometimes switching software is best for your business. So, when is the best time to switch?

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Three Ways to Make an Accounting Software Transition Less Painful

Switching software might not be as fun as going skydiving or going out to dinner with friends, but it′s often a necessity. Still, many businesses put it off and avoid the issue for as long as possible because they simply cannot bear the thought of disrupting the whole office with the transition. Nobody would blame you if you were one of them! There are some key things you can do to make the transition easier.

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