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Technical Considerations of Switching Software – Is Your Payroll IT Team Ready?

So you’re company is making the switch to a newer payroll software application. Now it’s up to you, the Payroll IT manager, to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible without too much interruption. Here are some key things to consider for an efficient switch, and to keep your IT team sane.


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Check into training options well before your company makes the switch to a newer system. Many software companies now offer a variety of training options, including web training, training at your site, or the traditional classroom style training. Determine which option will work best for you and all of the system users, so you can get it scheduled during a time that is convenient for everyone. Keep in mind that most accounting and payroll software companies become busiest December through February. By checking out training options ahead of time, you will avoid the problem of everyone expecting the payroll IT person to show them how to run the software.

Data Transfer

How is the data from your older system going to be transferred to the newer system, or will it be transferred at all? This is a very important question that needs to be answered early in the software search process, so that everyone’s expectations are met in the end. If the data will be transferred, who is going to do it? Many smaller companies prefer to send in the data to have it transferred, while larger companies prefer to do it themselves. In either case, get a clear picture on what can be transferred, and then develop a timeline and plan for how and when that process will happen. Bear in mind that if the payroll software switch is to an entirely new system, history typically does not transfer. Only beginning balances and master file information can be transferred into the new system. For this reason, many companies keep the old system running for a period of time and run them parallel, before switching completely.

Impact on Current IT Setup

You’ve worked hard to keep your company’s network current and working smoothly, and now it’s time for a software change. With the advancement of technology comes a whole new set of issues where accounting and payroll software are concerned. For instance, more and more functions can be performed online directly from the software, such as product updates and payroll direct deposit. How will the new system affect your current setup? Be sure you check into every aspect of the new system well before the switch is made, and plan for the new setup by purchasing any new hardware or software ahead of time.

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