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Fabulous Four for Payroll Processing by Red Wing Software

Fabulous Four for Payroll

Not all payroll software is created equal. Yes it’s true, there are so many apps you can get right now to help out with payroll. A quick search on the internet will prove this to be true. Some of these new startup systems may offer bits and pieces to a company, especially to smaller, newer companies who don’t yet have a lot of unique payroll needs. But, beware of the shiny and new! Take it from a company that has been developing and perfecting true and comprehensive payroll software since 1979; a company whose improvements are dictated 100% by user input and request. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a payroll system.

Over the years, we’ve seen customers leave to try out the new, the shiny, sometimes a more basic system that seems to offer just exactly what they need, for a lower price. And over the years, I’ve seen customers return to become Red Wing Software/CenterPoint Payroll software users once again, after testing out said shiny new system. Those other systems simply don’t offer the robust, time-saving features or the excellent service from an experienced and knowledgeable support team. (We always welcome customers back, of course.)

So, what are some of the newest features available for CenterPoint Payroll? We like to call them our “Fabulous Four” features for payroll processing. These are some of the things our customers tell us are saving them drastic amounts of time and money, and the things that can really remove the headache from the payroll process.

Online Time Clock

The CenterPoint Online Time Clock allows employees to enter time from any device that is internet enabled, whether it’s their phone, laptop, personal computer or tablet device. The CenterPoint Online Time Clock makes employee time entry simple, and even allows for an optional manager approval process, requests for time off, and more. Employees also save on time entry by easily importing time from the CenterPoint Online Time Clock directly into the CenterPoint Payroll Time Sheets function, where hours can be processed, rather than entering hours by hand. This also eliminates errors from entry of hours by hand.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows your employees to receive payment electronically, directly into their own bank accounts. It makes payroll processing simpler and faster, due to elimination of printing paper checks, stuffing into envelopes, stamping, and mailing them. Direct deposit also eliminates the possibility of lost checks having to be replaced. Employees love it, and it’s far more efficient for processing payroll.

Online Pay Stubs

Publish Pay Advices is an online pay stubs tool that allows employees to log in securely and access their direct deposit payroll stubs. Implementing Publish Pay Advices eliminates the need to print and distribute paper pay stubs, saving significant time. Another benefit of Publish Pay Advices is the ability to easily provide past employees with W-2 information, by simply providing them the web address and login information, rather than having to look up and mail the information to them.

CenterPoint Cloud Services

Some customers want the simplicity of accessing CenterPoint Payroll at any time, by anyone, regardless of where they are. This is helpful in the case that one of the payroll managers is on vacation or away on travel, and still need to access the payroll system. Having CenterPoint Payroll in the cloud provides a simple way for that to happen. The system is exactly the same as the installed version, so there’s no having to get used to a completely separate payroll system. Using CenterPoint Payroll in the cloud also reduces the need for an Information Technology (IT) person to be involved, since the program and data are hosted elsewhere, and updates and backups are automatically completed for users.

CenterPoint Payroll truly has all the features needed to run a company’s payroll hassle-free. There are great variety of payroll functions companies need as they grow, such as complex wage garnishments, paying a person for two different rates during the same day, paying complex bonus structures, calculated vacation accrual, and much more. These are the things many people don’t think about until after they’ve been using a system for a while, and CenterPoint Payroll has those features built right in.

To learn more about Fabulous Four Payroll features for CenterPoint Payroll, or to get a personalized demonstration, please visit: CenterPoint Payroll Software, or call 800-732-9464 today.

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