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The Benefits of a Smaller Accounting and Payroll Software Company

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Since 1979, Red Wing Software has been providing businesses, farms, and nonprofit organizations with accounting and payroll software— and we’re still going strong after all these years. For more than four decades, we’ve thrived by providing the updates and enhancements people want, all while providing excellent, personalized service.

There’s one key reason we’ve been able to do that. As a smaller company, compared to many accounting and payroll software companies, we’ve been able to offer our customers personalized service, products tailored to fit customer demand and needs, and accessible, U.S.-based support.

Personalized service

Because we have deep experience working with small to mid-sized organizations — on average, our staff has 21 years of experience — we know how to provide the products and services that make your job easier. Our products are designed to be flexible and fit your specific needs, and we’re happy to walk you through our software and make sure you’re able to use it just the way you need to.

We pride ourselves on the genuine relationships we can build and maintain with our customers. That steady, personalized approach also means you’ll run into fewer headaches while managing your finances. We listen and remember and are ready to tackle your particular needs as they arise. It’s easy to feel lost when dealing with many bigger accounting and payroll software firms, as if you’ve simply purchased a product. With Red Wing Software, you’re purchasing an experience — one that’s personal and responsive.

Products based on customer demand

Larger accounting and payroll software companies are often designing a product and only then creating a demand for it. They’ll take a baseline product and tweak it to fit the needs of different industries and groups broadly. What you can end up with is software that never quite fits the bill — either it doesn’t fit the needs of your particular company, or it offers too many extra tools that impede ease of use.

As a smaller accounting and payroll software company, Red Wing Software provides products that are based on our customers’ actual demands. Because we’re intimately familiar with our customers’ needs, we’re able to design software that does exactly what is needed. Some accounting and payroll software is made for the masses, but Red Wing Software’s products feature a degree of customizability that will help you spend less time working in your software and more time running your business.

Easy to speak with a human

Red Wing Software is a small but passionate team. That size allows us to be more responsive to your concerns and queries than most larger accounting software companies. We understand the value of direct access and being able to speak to a real human being, so we make a point of offering direct dial help.

You won’t simply have access to a general customer service representative, however. With our support plans, you’ll receive a toll-free number that rings directly into your support team, granting easy access to the staff member who can help you most and who’s familiar with your company and needs. Larger companies will offer limited support, but we want you to think of us as just another member of your team — which is why with Red Wing Software, you’ll get unlimited phone support when you’re enrolled in a Customer Care Plan.

U.S.-based support

When it comes to Red Wing’s comprehensive customer support offerings, it’s not just about accessibility. Because our support team is based in the U.S., you’ll always be able to speak to someone who understands your issues and business during regular business hours.

Unlike larger accounting software companies, where the role of customer support is often outsourced to another company and even another country, we offer access to a completely U.S.-based team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Red Wing Software has a long history of developing accounting software and financial management software products for various businesses, agribusiness, municipals, and nonprofit organizations. The bottom line is, if you’re interested in the benefits offered by smaller accounting and payroll software firms, Red Wing Software is just the company for you.

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